Being Morally Opposed to the Smiley Face. . .

I don’t use smiley faces. No winking smilies, no sad smilies, no laughing smilies, nothing. I’m not entirely sure why, but they strike me as quite tacky and hackneyed. They’re just very unappealing. It doesn’t bother me when others use them, and they can help to give posts a clearer feel . . . but I cringe at the thought of actually using one myself.

What you will see in my posts, from time to time, is something that reads “(insert smiley face).” I do this usually when I want to suggest that my strong language does not constitute a personal attack (even when it sort of does). Clearly, I don’t disagree with the idea of the smiley face, only the form.

A) Why is that?
B) Does anyone out there feel the same way? Why or why not?

I hate 'em too. I think I’ve used one once, a long time ago, as a joke to another poster here. I haven’t used them since.

To me, I associate smiley’s with grade school. You know, the days when a smiley face could make or break a paper wholly consisting of “aA… bB… cC… etc.” Then a smiley was big news, something you were proud of. You could hold you head high with a smiley. A frowny, on the other hand, one of those horrible frownies, could lead a kid to have migranes. It was critical stuff then, now it’s kinda silly.

But they’re all the rage on MB’s and the like. So if you like 'em, bust a nut. No problem from me. I just choose not to use them.

What I really want to see is a tax report come back from my accountant with nothing more than a smiley face on the top. Then I’ll reconsider my position.

Count me as one of those people who dislike them on sheer principle. They have a contrived aspect to them that really irritates me.

That said, I still use them on rare occasions. In order to put them into perspective I have abused them as an artform. Feel free to click on the link in my sig line to see what I mean.

Love the smiley art in your sig line, Zenster. Great thread. . .

There are three bits of “punctuation” that I overuse: exclamation marks, smileys, and em-dashes.

I overuse bangs and smileys in email because without them, messages can seem very dry. I send a lot of email to people whom I do not know very well who often have dubious command of the English language, so I throw in a lot of exclamation points to make my tone seem light and upbeat rather than pedantic. I use smileys so that people aren’t confused when I’m joking or being sarcastic. (By the way, I really miss the :rolleyes: smiley when I’m writing email!)

This behavior spills over into email to people who probably could pick up on more subtle signals, and to posts here. I know I have a smilie dependency problem, and I’m working on it. (must. . . resist. . . urge . . . to . . . insert . . . smilie. . .)


:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I dislike in principle other people telling me how or what I can use in my posts.

So I use them as I see fit.

I must confess…I am a smilie user. I make no excuse, but offer instead, and axplanation. I go through life with a smile on my face and tend to be a fairly expressive person wherever I go. I view the smilies as a text based extension of myself and a way to show how I feel. They aren’t a replacement for stating feelings, but rather an extension of those statements.

Sure, you could view the use of smileys as being lazy, but IRL, I do the same thing, often flashing a smile as part of my reply. What’s the difference?

Generally in a happy mood IRL: Do I (1) :slight_smile: (2) just say that I am happy or (3) both? Most likely, 3.

Flirting IRL: Do I (1) :wink: or õ¿~, (2) flirt verbally, or (3) both? I am likely to vary here.

Making a smarta$$ comment IRL: Do I (1) flash a :D, or (2) describe how I feel? I choose the :smiley: because it often says more than words can say.

YMMV, but I will always be :)ing. :smiley:

[nitpick]To continue my last post, isn’t it easier to type “:)” or “:D” or “;)”, etc rather than typing “(insert smilie here)”? [/nitpick]

It certainly is, which is why I wonder about my aversion to the smilies.

Now, now; no one was implying that it was improper for you or anyone else to use the smily. Some of us were merely pointing out that it wasn’t for us, you crazy fool. (Insert smiley face.)

I like smilies. I don’t use them as much on message boards, but I use them a lot in my instant messages. On the internet, rather than writing like I’m composing an essay, I tend to write the way I would normally speak. That includes a lot of smiles and shrugs and snickers, and often I trail off like this…

My message board use tends to be a hybrid of regular speech patterns (without the use of a spell checker or strict adherence to the rules of grammer), and my actual writing style (and by this I mean writing with some thought going into presentation). My instant messages tend to be totally speech oriented, complete with normal body gestures and occasional sound effects.

I occasionally use them to add context to a statement, or when I’m not sure the reader will realize I’m trying to make a joke.
They’re just another way to make my communications a little clearer. (A problem I sometimes have IRL.)

I’m sorry, I know you didn’t intend it to be funny, but I laughed out loud when I read that sentance.

For God’s sake, were talking about friggen smilies here! It’s not like were discussing politics or pro-choice. Noone’s telling you what you should or shouldn’t do.

I think people are simply saying why or why they don’t like smilies. SMILIES.

Relax, take a pill. It’s not a big deal. On second thought, take a bunch. With overreactions like that, the world out there’s gonna overwhelm you.

I use them the same way bumbazine does. To make the content clearer. I like to joke alot and it is hard to use inflection with words. So me I like smileys. But I don’t abuse them or anything.

Besides if esprix didn’t have this one :rolleyes:, when he responds to my post he really wouldn’t have anything to say. :smiley:

I love smileys! Smileys rule! Long live smileys!


Sorry, guys, but I’ve been using smilies since 1985, and I’m not about to stop now.

Apparently, it is extraordinarily difficult for folks who don’t know my mental “tone” to pick up on the times when I’m mirthing around…which is a REALLY high percentage of the time. Also, since I’ve been using them for a really long time, they’ve become pretty much automatic.

I have to say, I am VERY pleased that :rolleyes:, :eek:, and :smiley: exist. They make life so much easier.

You know, for uncouth snots like me.

Ah… Sorry. I’ve wondered if there wasn’t an “Anti-Smiley” underground movement around, like the anti-tobacco movement is. Make it look disgusting, scary, or the like.

yeah, it’s been one hell of a week. Don’t worry, I’ll relax soon.
Oh, and… :smiley:

I think smilies suck. They are basically a way for people to laugh at their own jokes.

Although, I did think that Silent Bob or Silent Rob or whatever his name was had a clever gig, posting exclusively in smilies. Whatever happened to him?

I used to like smileys, as a clever visual gag. That was back before the Internet Boom, and smileys became a form of cutseyism rather than a form of wit. Instead of communicating nuances in writing, they become a substitute for communication. But I still use them on occasion, to convey things I’m too lazy to do right, or don’t trust the reader to get.