being on top of the world

I’m sure this has been brought up before, But what do you think are the absolute greatest feelings in the world?

here a few of mine…

laying in hammocks on hot days with cool lemonde
kisses by the ones you love most (little kids, SO’s ect)
Comming home and finding flowers and choclate after a long day
Ice Cream
long countryside drives, with soft music and stars
sleeping with your SO (actual sleeping… but the other stuff is great too)
being held
sleeping in your parents bed when you feel bad (I don’t care how old I am, my parents bed always makes me feel better)
warm soft bed with lots of pillows
enough sleep
hot sexy smiling strangers

I could go on and on…

the cold creaminess of a glass of milk after eating an Oreo

the first soft breeze of spring on your bare arms

the cool touch of soft lips on a boo-boo

the rumble of a cat’s purr on the small of your back

Being completely and totally in love. Having that love returned. Nothing in the world can compare with that.

Sitting in a comfy, familiar tree and letting your mind drift.
Being in the middle of a bustling crowd.
Just hanging out with friends, not doing anything in particular.
Curling up on a nice thick rug in an air-conditioned room with your favorite, dog-eared book.
Having fun making “messes” in the kitchen, and finding odd combinations that work really well together (especially with a few close friends).

the greatest feeling in the world would be to become design.