Being released to a CONVENT: does this happen anywhere apart from Belgium!?

Bizarre (to my thinking) story here:

What’s the staright dope?

In Belgium all convicts are grated early parole at one third of their sentence if it was their first offence, two third if they are a repeat offender, and a minimum of ten years for a life sentence, (sixteen if they are a repeat offender)

They have to show they have a place stay and have an occupation (preferably a paying Job)

Living in a convent would take care of that.

Yeah. It seems that the convent was just a place that the convict had proposed that they be released to - there isn’t an overriding program to place large numbers of ex-offenders as neophyte nuns and monks.

Btw, a criminal running away to a convent or monastery isn’t a new phenomenon - it is part of the plot of Tennyson’s Idylls of the King.

Let’s hope the convent doesn’t include a school.

“And the smallest one was Madeline.”