Being the last poster of a thread and then it dies

No. Doctors do not like people eating grapefruit. It changes tons of the effective doses of medications. I’d tell you that we prefer people eating beef jerky. If doctors wanted you to know that. Which we don’t.

@Dr_Paprika , quit using those heroic methods of sustaining life. This thread don’t deserve it.
Plus, there’s a DNR order.

Do Not Read!!!

(not being followed though… :smile:)


Either way death has happened.

For your viewing pleasure, I’m going to post my many family photos taken in Hoboken, New Jersey…

I’m looking everywhere, I have misplaced something, but it isn’t here either. I’ve been looking so long, I forgot what it was I’ve been looking for. Bummer.

The Preparation H is in your underwear drawer, next to the…uh…vibrating object.

Don’t leave! I’ve finished arranging my family photos by time and date, and am now ready to mass upload. Wait till you see my plethora of baby pics; I was a real cutie!

and when we see pictures of various young’uns, we will look at them carefully, asking “Tibby or not Tibby?”

Indeed, that IS the question.

On your tippy toes or tibby toes.

I have Tibby toes. And, I must say they are quite cute. Cuter than Clint Eastwood’s anyway.

What’s happening here? Has the thread finally died? Please tell me it ain’t so!

Nothing dies in foreverland.

Roll the dice and move your mice.

It’s gotta die now. Forsure

Never say, “Die!”

Unca Cecil!!
Burpos picking on me!!


It’s the DNR that this thread is missing, life support for life is what we got here.

Department of Natural Resources?