Being the last poster of a thread and then it dies

Have you ever stumbled upon a thread that was like five pages long with lots of recent activity, then you decide to chime in, and then the thread just dies? And you think, “Uh, was it something I said?” And no one speaks in the thread ever again.

Doesn’t that leave you with a weird feeling? It does to me.

Anyways, just wanted to share this. It’s happened to me and I always wondered what everyone else thought about that. Or if it’s something people think about at all.

Deep down it makes me feel sad. Like, I didn’t do enough to keep things going. Oh well.


Doesn’t bother me; usually the conversation has run its course by the time I get there (an hour or two later), so I just make a comment of some sort and move on. Some perverse part of me enjoys it: “Look, Martha, I’ve killed another one!” Then I stamp the side of my computer–like WWII fighter planes in some old flick–and see what other mischief I can get into.

Dammit burpo, if no one answered this thread it would’ve really blown her mind!


Dammit, indeed! I’m a bad mutt. :o

Ah, well. I have chimed in now. It can die.:slight_smile:

I think someone should come up with a term for people who kills threads just by posting to them. Maybe “Thread killer”?[/deadpan]

OP: you have the wrong attitude. Instead realize that your post was the definitive statement that no one could possibly disagree with.

I’m guilty of killing several threads. :confused:

I’ll try to kill this one. Do not reply.

Step aside. I want the honor.

I have killed thousands of threads with a single word.



Yeah, I kinda get the same feeling, like I am a johnny-come-lately to the party. I dread having my username be the last one appearing in the Forum view for that thread. It will be there forever.

Dammit. Someone else post!!!

I’ve got a rolled-up newspaper with your name on it, burp.

I’ve killed more threads than Cecil B. DeMille

The pulse is getting thread-y. Adrenalin STAT!


I like to think that its because my post was so profound, no further posts are necessary.

Until I come along.

This has happened to me quite a bit. I think it’s because I don’t spend a lot of time here (not as much as some of you, anyway), and by the time I notice a thread it has usually run its course.

Gee, I hope somebody adds a post after this one.