Call me ThreadKiller(TM)!

I seem to have a habit of murdering threads. Once I post in them they usually sink without a trace! Oh well. I just need to become a wittier, more astute, more contributory poster.

You are not.

It probably only seems that way, is not statistically true, and is really just some psychological ‘effect.’ I wonder if there is a name for it. It happens to me also – but I *know * it happens to me.

A conversation has a beginning, middle, end. It’s also a skill to end a conversation.

I wondered if I was ForumKiller for a while - I implied that I’d happily eat tortoise eggs and after that, nobody posted anything in GQ for what seemed like forever.

I used to do that. In fact, a long time back, someone posted some boards stats that they created from analyzing the database records. They put up a list ranking people by percentage of their posts which were the last posts in threads. I was second out of the whole board. I think the only person higher was a mod, who presumably locks a lot of threads. So I had evidence to back up my gut feeling.

It’s not like that any more. I used to give definitive answers in GQ that left little else open for discussion. Instead, I started saying shit in other forums that people couldn’t bear to let stand as the last word.

That sounds like a challenge. Try posting in this week’s MMP, and see what happens.

If like to see actual stays, if at all possible.

That’s one of the reasons I started playing in the Mafia games. Surely I couldn’t kill one of those threads.

But in Mafia, you don’t kill thread…thread kills you.

What’s MMP?

Just TRY to kill this thread. I double-dog dare you.


I don’t know where to find one though.

I see – this is it.

And you couldn’t follow the link in the post immediately before your first? :dubious:

I could and did – just after I posted. I’m a little slow.

I’m scared.

I think that whoever manages to kill a thread about killing threads should win a lot of points.

My problem is more with starting threads. I usually get just a meager handful of replies, and then it’s down into the murky depths. I try my best to stimulate the conversation, but it’s usually just not happening. And then there are those instances where I start a duplicate thread, sometimes even a month after the original. :smack:

I could probably muster up some TMI left in my reserves. Does getting the thread locked count as killing it? :smack:

This could be the thread that goes forever. As we all keep coming, hoping to post the last post and claim the title of Ultimate Thread Killer.

Just be careful not to get it in your eye.

It would have been funny if nobody had replied to the OP.