Being the last poster of a thread and then it dies

Not only unable to disagree with, but your point was made so perfectly that it needed no further comment or explanation. :slight_smile:

Back in the early days of the board, a term was actually coined for this.

Molosters = MOst Last pOSTERS

It originated in Post #7 of Thread killers

once again proof that there is either an MB thread or a SD column about everything!


Ha, I couldn’t swear this has happened to me but I feel like it probably has.

I don’t take it personally, I do get disappointed sometimes though.

Mainly because, if I’m jumping in late to a thread, it’s because I have a point to make that hasn’t already been brought up. Which is rare when the thread is more than two pages long.

I’ve killed my fair share and, yes, it bothers me a bit.

I think this thread will be interesting in that it will probably never die and thus will offset the OP’s angst.

Well I want in then. It will be nice to contribute to a thread and not see my name in the Last Post column the rest of the day. (There’s one there now.)

Maybe it’ll die if this unknown lurker posts in the thread…

The only time it bothers me is when it’s a thread that I started…and I’m the only poster.

Been there, done that. Often. :o

A similar but somehow even more depressing case is when I kill a thread, but it seems it was only “mostly dead”. Someone two weeks later comes along and revives it, which is bad enough, but then they ignore my last post! And then it gets new life, but no one discusses my comment.

Yeah, I’ve learned not to post new threads late at night when no one is around to see them.

This seems to happen to me quite a bit, so I went into my CP and did some poking around (as a (mostly) lurker this wasn’t too daunting of a task). I had about 580 subscribed threads - meaning I posted in them - and I counted 40 where I had the last post (about 7%). My “favorite” was a thread asking about Motherboard advice - I was first and last as nobody responded (learned my lesson about posting after work on a Friday).

I have done this enough that I also have considered starting a thread about it. When it happens I end up saying to myself, “I AM THREAD KILLER!” like a Spartan warrior.


(sorry Quimby)

Another old thread - this one from 2004 - on the subject, with lots of statistics.

Personally memorable in that it revealed that I was one of the most effective threadkillers of that era.

Seams like “stitch” would be a tailor made term for such a thing.

It’s probably me again :frowning:

Doperkins (singing & dancing)
Ding dong, the thread is dead!
Which old thread,
this old thread!
Ding dong, the wicked thread is dead!

It looks like I may have killed this thread about abortion - I wasn’t the last post, but I appear to have struck the killing blow. My feelings on the matter are mixed - I don’t like to see a debate I’m in die, but if it has to die it’s best that it ends with me doing a mike drop.

Hmm, you would think the weekend would be a prime time for dopers who don’t have access at work.