Bejeweled Twist + FF = Gryomancer. Just out on Steam

So the marriage of Final Fantasy and Bejeweled Twist is out on Steam (and perhaps else-where too). Anyone got it? Is it worth the USD 15 price-tag?

This probably isn’t much help, but I played through the demo. I was a bit underwhelmed comparing it to the Puzzle Quest games. The combat is one-sided (instead of taking turns, only you get to move pieces on the board) and involves less strategy. There also doesn’t seem to be a lot to the game beyond the combat; it looks like you can unlock new creatures to use for fighting, but no equipment, no crafting magic items, no training mounts, no, uh, other stuff I can’t remember from PQ. You get the idea.

Of course, the demo is rather short and there could be more to it, but I doubt it. If you’re coming at it from a Bejeweled Twist background, though, I think there’s probably more to hook you since I do view it as an improvement over plain BT. And even though I’m not that excited by it, I’ll probably pick it up at some point; I like me some puzzle RPG to while away the hours, but I’m busy with other games at the moment. The game is also available on Xbox Live Arcade.

I’m downloading the trial on Xbox Live now. It gets less than three stars on the Xbox user rating system, so that doesn’t bode well.

It doesn’t feel as exciting as PQ or PK. I kind of like Puzzle Kingdoms but the reptitiveness of the ‘unlock the next kingdom’ puzzle turns me off.

it seems ok. I’ve only played the trial version which is pretty limited. I could’ve kept on playing for quite some time. I don’t know that I would’ve been compelled to come back to the game later on, but then I’m not overly into either RPGs or puzzle games.

Wanted to follow up on my earlier impressions now that I’ve bought the game and played it awhile. There’s also this short review that describes the game.

It’s a bit deeper than I initially thought, but not a whole lot. The creature abilities get more varied. There’s at least one side quest area. For a long time, the game seemed too easy, but it’s gotten quite a bit more difficult now that there’s a bigger idle twisting penalty. Like the review above says, I’ve warmed a bit to the game mechanic of playing alone instead of against a (usually quite dumb) AI. I may even steal the idea for my own puzzle RPG I’ve been working on. Still, it’s repetitive much of the time, but that’s fairly common for the genre.

So, while it’s not great or anything, I’m getting my money’s worth for $15.