Believe in aliens/UFOs?

It’s amazing how worked up people can get over a little lens flare.

There you go again, getting my hopes up.

You should see what aluminized nylon (no, they’re not Mylar) balloons can do.

How to make a flying saucer. Get high coat type dry cleaner bag. Scotch tape top closed. Circle bottom with 4 straws taped around bag. Cross 4 straws at rt angles across btm. Cut 16 exes into btm straws equally spaced. Insert small birthday candles. One guy lights while other holds ft off ground. As heat rises and traps hot air it lifts off. You can follow them for miles. Wait for ufo reports.

I drove through Roswell just this past spring, and I must say that all the ‘Alien museums’ and junk shops are starting to look a little tacky; peeling paint, faded signs etc. etc. I think the demise of the ‘X files’ series has hurt their business.

FTL drive or no, I just wonder why the aliens would change shape according to what’s been on TV, why they don’t make contact but are stupid enough to be seen all the time, and how they are in contact with the only three people in the US government who can keep a secret for longer than five minutes. Believing in faster than light travel is nothing compared to believing in that.

The OP should check out The Great Airship Mystery which describes a UFO-like fad in the 1890s, including close encounters of the third kind -with people, not aliens. You’d think it had to be true - it wasn’t.

There may be aliens out there. Having taken a look at the way we conduct ourselves they’ve probably decided to stay the fuck away.

That’s been speculated before.

Then they must be truly awful anthropologists.

Seriously, I’ve heard that assertation before and it’s utterly ridiculous. A race capable of building interstellar sacecraft is certainly capable of scientific objectivity. Who ever heard of a scientist giving up research because he doesn’t approve of his subject’s morals? Human researchers are generally not judgemental (in fact, they take pride in being non-judgemental) - why should we assume alien scientists are?

lol, I never thought i’d encounter as much naivity on a messageboard that’s been “fighting ignorance since 1973.” Yikes! There’s so much blatant horseshit & misinformation being spouted off on here, that I truely wouldn’t even know where to begin.

My only suggestion is to actually visit the site & read up on the info. provided therein - there’s alot of good info. in it that answers ALOT of questions, and some very obvious coincidences. The evidence is literally staring right at you; you just have to deduce from the shreds & formulate a logical conclusion (albeit, if you fail at doing that, then there really isn’t much that can be done to treat retardation).

And yes, i am actually related to Trent/Michael - my father, George reznor, is a 2nd generation cousin of Michael Reznor (trent’s father). We actually made a family tree which dated back to something like 1812, and found that we were all descendants of John I. Reznor, from Germany. I’ve only spoken to Trent once, but I do keep in contact with his sister Tera. She actually has a myspace profile too, but it’s set to private : Featured Content on Myspace

Chris Reznor :slight_smile:

I retract my welcome. :rolleyes:

Here are some common things about people who believe passionately in something paranormal without any scientific evidence for it:

  • they insult people who disagree with them
  • they refuse to provide precise information but ask you to wade though entire websites and / or books
  • they claim everything is obvious (to them at least)

Just in case you are interested in a debate:

  • do you agree that scientists need more than sky sightings (where the observer doesn’t know what it is) to accept the idea of aliens both existing and having travelled to this World?
  • do you agree that almost all UFO sightings have been explained? (as aircraft / birds / planets / weather balloons / over-enthusiasm / hoaxes)
  • what is the best single (or a few if you prefer) incident that proves UFOs are alien technology?


We think alike

Why don’t you begin with the very first item of blatant horseshit, and focus on responding to it alone. That is often how things are done in this form. Identify the horseshit, state why it is horseshit, and counter with facts, not opinions or conjectures. Often a citation is requested when a statement of fact is asserted, so being ready with a couple of those would be helpful. Be prepared for your cites to be challenged.

As noted. Begin by identifying actual “horseshit,” then providing (in your own words), an explanation of the reality (from your perspective).

Now, I will admit that there has been some facetious displays in this thread, but if you are truly looking for information (or even a discussion), you need to realize how many people who believe in alien visits truly are nutcases, which tends to encourage people to lump all believers together.

If you have actual information you would like to discuss, please present it. A link to a few videos, some of which showed nothing but grainy sky on my monitor and others that showed lights with no context, is hardly the basis for a discussion and is clearly not proof (or even much in the way of evidence) for an actual consideration of extraterrestial life.

You want me to believe in aliens? Show me an alien or a spaceship. Not a grainy tape on some website that shows what could be anything from an airplane to lens flare. I want to see an actual spaceship or an actual space alien.

Failing this, how about some tissue with an extraterrestrial DNA sequence. A material formed in zero gravity or of materials forien to this planet. Anything?
There is a difference between studying effects or materials and tyring to come up with a theory to explain them and having a theory/notion and seeking to make evidence or observation justify a pre-existing belief.
I think you’ll find (if you stay and listen long enough) that the vast majority of posters here are open-minded and curious, huge fans of the Space Program, Science and all things Cosmological. They are, however, a prickly bunch when it comes to unfounded and unsupported claims.
I hope I am incorrect but my hopes for an intellectual discussion with evidence and insights to mold existing opinions on both sides of this topic are diminished.

As well as when they are called retards.

If we are talking about aliens visiting the earth, the key word is right there in the OP…‘Believe’. Its a matter of belief, not a matter of facts or proof, as there is a distinct shortage of both. Do I ‘believe’ that aliens visit the earth in space ships? No, I don’t. Do I believe that there is life on other planets other than this one? Certainly. No proof mind you, but the logic is compelling…to me at least.


Looks at link in the OP…

They lost at me at the moment they mention crop circles as UFO related.

Now crop circle creators see it as a fun way to wink to the ones that know were are coming from:

After many years looking at that subject, the only certain thing is that crop circles are made by humans. The claim that they are of extraterrestrial origin or even made by special crafts remains the extraordinary claim.

I don’t believe we’ve got UFO’s buzzing our planet from other star systems, slashing our cattle and anally raping our men. But no, I don’t think the FTL problem is the best argument against it.

We ourselves have already sent out probes on their way out of the solar system. They’re primitive but so what? We’re already doing it.

Give us another 500-1,000 years I see no reason we couldn’t be sending out extremely sophisticated probes with advanced propulsion systems which could easily spend centuries or even millennia patiently traveling to other star systems.

The Earth has had life and its tell-tale high oxygen-rich atmosphere for billions of years now? That’s plenty of time for an advanced civilization to have spotted us with their gargantuan Hubble Mark 2000 space telescope and send some probes our way to see what’s going on.

If aliens themselves wanted to come check us out, who’s to say their medical science isn’t capable of keeping them alive and/or asleep for thousands of years until they get here?