Believe in aliens/UFOs?

Check this site out:

It’s like the YouTube of UFO videos. There’s a plethora of really cool videos, and some really interesting coincidences. And it’s so ridiculously obvious that there’s military involvement in the phenomenon… infact, there’s a video showing an army helicopter hovering & investigating over an area where a UFO was spotted at the day after. Check out the post near the bottom titled “derbyshire-like ufo caught in england,” or something like that. I thought it was pretty convincing.

By no stretch of the mile am I loony conspiracy theorist, but I do cherish the ufo/alien phenomenon cuz I think it’s an important & real issue we’re going to have to face in a few years.

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For starters, a quick question: Based on your assertion that it’s obvious there is military involvement, do all the world’s militaries work together on this one issue or is it one country’s military that does everything?

Oh boy, this isn’t going to be pretty.

Creznor-Welcome to the SDMB. To answer your question: No. I do not believe there are intelligent life forms from another planet visiting Earth. Mainly because I have never seen any compelling evidence that would suggest this to be factual.

Quick check, here. By “UFO” do you mean things that are unidentified, are flying, and are objects?

Unidentified flying objects certainly exist. I see them all the time. But it does not follow that objects that are unidentified, and flying, are constructed by aliens.

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There is a single well-documented case where a UFO has been both seen and filmed flying (over Avebury, England).

“…Sky News, ITV, even a station in Australia — they all did pieces on it.”

UFOs schmUFOs, any relation to Trent?

As I see no General Question here, let’s try Great Debates.


I see nothing strange at all in the military being involved in UFOs. Indeed it is practically in their job description to hunt down UFOs as generally countries do not like unknown things flying over their country. That said this does not make the UFO anything from outer space necessarily. If it is the military would certainly like to be the ones to control it but more likely it is something mundane or might in fact be an experimental military craft (not unknown to the military but just to everyone else).

In short military presence is proof of nothing.

Personally I don’t understand how evidence of government involvement is always supposed to prove the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft rather than disprove it. If it’s true that an army helicopter was seen “hovering & investigating over an area where a UFO was spotted at the day after”, that would suggest that the UFO wasn’t an visitor from another planet, but rather a military experiment. If it was an alien spacecraft, how would the military have known to have the helicopter in place one day prior to its arrival?

Because of course they are controlled by the aliens. Soon, they and the alien-dominated UN will declare a One World Socialist Satanic-Atheistic Government, and massacre all Jesus-fearing real Americans with their fleets of black helicopter gunships !

Once a large, triangular aircraft flew very slowly over my house heading west and emitting a loud buzzing. It was accompanied by several unlit helicopters (after long enough around here you learn to discern between things in the sky by their sound) and at the same time the power went out and, in turn, the tornado sirens went off in the town to the east, my town, and the next town west (we border on each other and with the fans off and the windows open in the middle of the night you can hear a lot).

At first I thought it was a UFO. Further research, thanks to some people here (though the thread seems to have disappeared so I’m putting on my tinfoil hat), is that it was likely an Aereon “steath blimp” being developed in conjunction with the Air Force. Which they deny, of course, but my uncle was in AF Intel and he wouldn’t confirm the time of day.

OTOH, is your tinfoil hat firmly on? Shortly before he died the same uncle, who was stationed at Wright-Patt when the Roswell craft was supposedly brought there, was star-gazing with my dad and discussing the possibility of extraterrestrial life, “They’re real, you know.” (shrugging) But who knows what he really knew.

Isn’t the faster than light problem one of the best arguments against UFO’s originating from another star system? What with the nearest one being some 4.2 light years away, and the speed of light being unapproachable by a physical entity. If all these UFO’s came from so far away, they surely cannot make a return trip. Where the heck are they hanging out, that can they can avoid the surveillance of all those satellites and all that radar that exists for the sole purpose of locating strange things in our airspace?

Come, come. Don’t confuse the laws of physics and scientific evidence with UFO’s! :smiley:

Clearly aliens will use ‘wormholes’ and ‘cloaking technology’ to answer your points.
In fact I saw a TV program that **actually showed ** these things in operation. I think it was called Star Trick.

If any military presence is seen in the area before a UFO sighting, this proves the military are involved.

If any military presence is seen in the area during a UFO sighting, this proves the military are involved.

If any military presence is seen in the area after before a UFO sighting, this proves the military are involved.

Finally (and the most convincing), if no military presence is ever seen in the area of a UFO sighting, this proves the alien’s technology is keeping the military away.

I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords I do not believe ,but realize a lot ado. This is long but interesting. I dound it becauase a long running law suit had been resolved allowing it to be shown. The article didnt say what it was about. So I tracked it down on line and this was it.

Hookers in spaaaaaace ! !

Do I believe in aliens? Only by default, because it would be absurd to think Earth is the only planet harboring life. Do I believe in Roswell, crashed spacecraft, “grays”, and government coverups, well, no.

But I have thought it would be hoot just to go to Roswell sometime and see what I might call the “alien culture” of the town. Just for laughs, in other words. I’d like to sit down at the counter of the “Ali-Inn” and have a sandwich and coffee, like a character in a Twilight Zone episode.