Believing In God While Hating Him

I suspect that many people on this board such as Der Trihs
would hate the God of traditional Christian theology even if His existence was proven. So supposing the God of traditional hellfire and brimstone theology existed how would you react to Him?

It’s a logical impossibility, so it’s not really an issue.

I’d definitely be part of the resistance movement to kill it.

That god is evil and malicious, and I would of course oppose him and all his works.

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I’d definitely be part of the Resistance.

Such a being would be nearly the most evil thing I could imagine.

How would I react to him? Probably cry and wet myself.

My instinctive reaction would be dread that the universe is controlled by an evil, petty and omnipotent tyrant who has no hesitation about torturing those who don’t worship him for infinity years.

My next reaction would be to do whatever I can to overcome this aversion towards my captor (oops, I meant my God) by brainwashing myself into loving him, in order to avoid such a horrific fate. It would basically be like Stockholm Syndrome.

Facts and knowledge are contextual. No fact or knowledge about that fact can exist apart from all other facts or knowledge about them. The “fact” of such a God’s existence would contradict quite a few beliefs of science, logic and epistemology . . . so such a being cannot exist without causing all sorts of contradictions. If anyone claims to be such a being, he is a fraud, and should be exposed . . . like any other con artist.

Do you mean existed as in there is a supernatural being with characteristics described in the Bible who claims to be the ultimate supreme being? Or that we do in fact know that he is the ultimate supreme being? Those are 2 different things.

I’d ask Him why on earth a supposedly omnipotent being would give a rat’s ass what I thought of Him.

Of course, and I’ve said so in the past. He’s a monster.

Fear, hatred, and wondering what he’s really like since it’s logically impossible for such a logically contradictory creature to be true. And, I’d be pretty certain he’s a fake of some kind no matter the evidence; aliens and even time travelers using super-tech to fool us is more plausible than such a thing. Pretty much anything is.

Well, there wouldn’t be any point to living in fear of such a being, since he can smite you at will whether you fear it or not. I just wouldn’t want to give the son of a bitch the satisfaction.

Actually, evidence that such a being existed and was taking an active interest in humanity would likely destroy civilization as we know it, so what I’d do depends largely on how this revelation comes to pass.

Well, if we’re talking about that kind of asshole God of the sort the Bible, Koran, and Tanakh-thumpers seem to be fond of, count me in the Misotheist camp.

In fact, I’d say we rebuild the Babylon Gun, load it with a saboted shell built around the Spear of Destiny, and we try and lure the bastard into a position where we can get a clear shot of his heart. It worked once.

Put him on trial for crimes against humanity.

Although judging by what he said to Job; ‘shut up, you’re not me, know your place worthless nothing’, I doubt it’d do much good.

If you mean the Bible is true we’re all screwed anyway. Heaven doesn’t sound particularly thrilling judging from Revelation, which talks about weird eye-monsters, sycophants who do nothing but kiss God’s arse all days and cities which are built out of every precious metal/stone the bronze age could produce. Interesting to visit no doubt, but it’s for an eternity, basking in the presence of the deity, the creator of everything, whose best ideas include gleefully drowning babies and turning people to salt for no reason. Like having an acid trip with Jeffrey Dahmer. You’d lose your mind. And the alternative, of course, is burning forever. Fortunately there’s no evidence for either.

Out of interest; how would you react to him, assuming of course that this isn’t the God that you believe in?

Honestly it seems like a tricky question. I’d like to be able to say that I would not do this god’s bidding in order to avoid that torment - but really, it sounds like a terrifying proposition, and if I were truly convinced he existed, I think i’d pretty much be too scared to act in any contrary way.

Just for style, we should paint on the side of the gun the “Godkiller” symbol from the novel The Jehovah Contract; a close up of Michelangelo’s image of God from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, with a sniper’s crosshairs imposed over his temple.

So you mean, for example, Allah of Muslim theology?

Allah and the God of the Bible are the same God. Mohammed explicitly said they were the same God. Allah is just the Arabic word for “God.” Arab Christians call God “Allah.”

The answer to your OP is that such a God would obviously be a monster even worse than Lovecraft’s elder gods. There would be no rational response but absolute horror. At least Chthuhlu just eats you. He doesn’t torture you forever.

I meant that version of the general Abrahamic God.