why was this poster banned?

(it doesn’t particularly matter to me, it just seemed odd and made me curious…)

I have no idea, but I did a bit of research.

I found only two threads that bemused29 ever posted to, both were fairly vanilla in their content.

I’d guess it was one of the following:

Previously banned poster in a new incarnation.

Something happened via e-mail that we know nothing about.

A thread that was so hideous that it had to be deleted, thus erasing it from his permanent record.

Based on the things I’ve seen here, the admins only ban folks as a last resort. Since they don’t work with a heavy hand, it was most likely deserved.

If you have a question about a banned poster, email TubaDiva or me, or both of us. We’re the ones who do the actual banning. Ed Zotti and C. K. Dexter Haven and the various tech admins have the tools to ban, but they don’t use them.

DMC has the correct answers…generally when we ban someone, it’s because of one of the reasons he listed. If DMC IS a he, that is.