Bemusement or Alarm?

I wish I had come here first…I was wondering whether the effect of a crimp (or kink) in a hose is to stanch or to staunch its flow.

Instead I typed stem and synonym into a Google search box and received this results page.

I’ve used before but never felt as though its results were authoritative, so I selected Google’s seventh suggestion at

This page raises more questions than it answers:
–Does deliver user-generated content?
–If not, why would anyone bother hacking this specific page?
–Or, is that an actual Arabic translation for stem?
–Finally, is it stanch or is it staunch?

Stanch is technically a variant spelling of staunch, but usually stanch is used as the verb (“the tourniquet will stanch the flow of blood”) and staunch the adjective (“he is a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party”).'s&word=stanch&quicksearch=on&sourceid=Mozilla-search

Staunch doesn’t merit its own entry in 1828 or 1913.

Well, a little googling determined that Al-Qaeda is Arabic for “the base”, and I see considers stem and base to be synonyms, so that is presumably what Al-Qaeda is in there in a few variant spellings.

Actually, I’d just assume that “Al Qaeda” shows up so often because the word “radical” is listed as a primary synonym. is a subsidiary of, and claims to be “… the web’s most comprehensive synonyms resource.” Their model includes user submissions and, supposedly, expert review and editing; that first entry, though, reminds me of the sort of nonsense one gets from an unattended computer search.