Ben Affleck a Political Sage? Give Me an Effin' Break!

All of the hollywood liberals arein Boston for the DNC…and I just saw Ben holding forth on his politicalphilosophy! What a dope! Ben has admitted that he never voted …now he is holding forth and telling us lowlives howwe should think??
Somebody should remind this second-rate actor who pays his salary. What a good one…I hope the DNC has a lot more knuckleheads like this one! :smack:

People who take the political views of celebrities seriously are idiots.

It’s worth noting that “taking [them] seriously” does not imply agreeing with or supporting those opinions. The OP, for example, is included in that group.

Yeah, Ben Affleck has political opinions, and likes to talk about them. Which is exactly what you’re doing here, ralph. Why is it okay when you do it, but pit-worthy when a celebrity does it?

WTF? I’ve heard this argument with cops, government officials, etc., but … actors? Actors are public servants now?

So who pays Affleck’s salary? Miramax, to my recollection, along with other movie studios. Well, since I believe Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein is a Democrat, he’s probably happy with what Ben’s saying. Does that make you feel better?

Jerusalem Crickets. Surely one of the most pathetic arguments that some righties trot out is “Them Hollywood Libruls Shouldn’t Tell Us Normal Folk What Ta Think!” If actors aren’t allowed to talk about political issues (you know, like any other citizen of our democracy has a right to do), how come it’s so often the right-wing actors who end up running for office – and the Republicans who happily vote for 'em?

Pretty lame rant.

Ralph124c, just go back to smearing peanut butter on that pine cone. Just like that. That’s right. Very good! Soon you’ll have a homemade bird feeder!

Don’t let the scary picture box upset you. Everything is going to be just fine.

Exactly! Before you know it, he’ll think he’s qualified to be governor of California or even President some day.

The nerve!

Wow, somebody pitting a celebrity for stating their political views, and they happen to be Democratic views. That’s pretty original.

Has anybody ever pitted a Republican/conservative actor for their views? I can’t recall ever seeing a pit thread against Ron Silver or Bruce Willis, both vocal Bush supporters, saying how stupid actors should shut their stupid mouths. Always the leftys.

How about people like Bill O’Reily, or indeed any pundit? It’s one thing to be a journalist, but why does that make your views any more important than anyone elses? Ben AFLAK and Sean Hannity are basically in the same business: entertainment. To think one has more reason to be heard than the other is just downright silly. Like it or not, celebrity in our culture means you get heard, almost by definition.

There are vacuous celebrities on both side who express uninformed opinions that no one cares about. The difference is we liberals like to let our idiots have their say, then we take their money and give it to the grown ups. The conservatives actually elect their celebrity idiots.

Nitpick: Wasn’t it Matt Damon who said he never voted? I dunno, maybe Mr Affleck said it as well but I’ve never heard it (doesn’t mean it isn’t true though)

I’m reminded of the time when it was discovered that Rush Limbaugh, carrier of the Torch of Shining Brilliance That Is Ronald Reagan, never voted for the guy.

(Come to think of it, I don’t think Rush was even registered to vote until after he had been a successful talk-radio blowhard and someone went digging into his past…)

That’s pretty funny! And not without an element of truth. :smiley:

O’Reily, Matthews, Hannity are most assuredly not journalists. They are blowhard talking heads with a nearly uniform lack of experience as objective journalists. They’ve not worked in newsrooms. They’ve not studied to be journalists. They are chosen by the Richard Mellon Scaifes and Rupert Murdocks of the world to unabashedly spout right-wing non-sense. By being elevated by viture of having a TV show or being published in right-wing rags such as the Washington Time, they’ve gained an undeserved equality with journalists in the public’s eye; most of whom don’t understand the lack of training the blowhards have.

Remember when Ben and Matt won an Oscar for the screenplay to Good Will Hunting? Here’s a scene from that movie:

Based on this, the guys don’t sound that clueless to me.

My point is that the DNC is such a disaster,that they need to haul in some people (like Affleck) to give some glitz to the affair. I watched a bit of the coverage last night…including the speech by the cadaverous Jimmy Carter (“malaise forever”), and the rantings of Al Gore.
The real “treat” was listening to Bill Clinton, who seems to be displacing Ted Kennedy as the most crapulent democrat…his speech was boring. I think most people are there to secure the jobs that would be handed out in the new administration (and to chow down at the free buffets).
Can’t they shrink this thing down to two days? :smack:

Clinton’s speech was boring? My, my. You must have had your Cognitive Dissonancer set on “high”.

Dude, take off them PartisanGoggles[sup]TM[/sup]. Even Bob freakin Dole had to give the Dem speakers some credit. And he did it on television!!
Affleck was less than sagelike, but he was reasonably well-spoken about his views, much more than I would have expected. He was certainly no Britney Spears “I think we should support our President… no matter WHAT! Hee. hair twirl

Hey, here’s a novel idea. If you think someone’s opinions are stupid, why not ignore them entirely?

Wait a minute, if anyone takes my advice, I will most likely be completely ignored in GD. :smack:

Considering the clusterfuck that is the Bush administration, you ought to be doing the happy dance, my friend. Learn to love it…you’re looking at your future!

In the case of Chris Matthews, he was the chief of the Washington bureau of the San Francisco Examiner for thirteen years.