Celebrities and Politics

I’ve been enjoying the “Celebrities You Hate” and “Celebrities Who Openly Loathe Each Other” threads over the past few days and various posters in both discussions have mentioned celebrities’ politics in passing here and there.

Anyway, being the entertainment neophyte that I am, I don’t really know much about who believes what in Hollywood but my curiosity’s been piqued nonetheless. So… what does Celebrity X believe?

Hmm… mostly, I don’t know. Tom Cruise and Christopher Reeve are both liberals. Charlton Heston is, of course, as right-wing as they come.

TV-wise, I’m pretty sure Matt Groening and Joss Whedon are both liberals.

Robert Redford seems to me to be liberal. He is especially active in environmental issues. I have also read a letter he wrote which described the elder President Bush as “mean-spirited.” I doubt that he would like being labelled though.

Gregory Peck is a liberal, Arnold Schwartzenegger is a Republican, but I don’t know how conservative or right wing he is.

George Clooney’s another liberal, I think.

Alec Baldwin is pretty much a fanatical, Democratic bobblehead.

I don’t know about Richard Gere too much, but I know he’s got a major chip on his shoulder with China over Tibet.

I just wish celebrities would “Shut There Pie Hole”, Singers/Musicians, Actors/Actresses aren’t in making policy, governing this country.

I heard Sheryl Crowe at an Awards Show say to the effect No War Against Iraq, not that I am Hawk, but there may be no other way for Saddam to comply with the UN.

I don’t mind them telling me what they are into, Sting is into saving the RainForest, OK that’s fine. Celebrity can bring about alot of awareness to pet causes, but sometimes they go too far.
Woody Harrellson to name one.

Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin and Barbara Streisand all fall into the “liberal to the point of fucking insanity” category.

Julia Roberts is looking to be the heir apparent to Barbara Streisand in this particular area.

Mike Farrell falls into the “liberal but not fucking insane” category.

Rob Reiner is liberal. Not sure if he’s insane or not.

Tom Selleck is a fairly conservative Republican.

Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood are both Republicans, though I’m not sure how ideologically conservative they are.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park fame) outed themselves as Republicans a couple of years ago.

In a Playboy interview a few years ago, Eastwood said he’s ‘libertarian’ more than anything.

Isn’t Stallone and Costner on the more conservative side of the middle?

One thing I respect about Gere is that he was into that Tibet/China thing waaaay before it was hip.

Bono and Jesse Helms got pretty cozy the last few years. He lobbied the senator quite a bit over debt forgiveness and finally swayed him. He then invited him to a concert. They are now friends. Of course, I’m sure Bono’s no right winger but it just shows you what real lobbying can do. Bono actually did the grunt work himself.

Rob Lowe was on Dennis Miller a few years ago and admitted to becoming more conservative since he became a father. He was a bit deceptive which makes me think he may have been trying to hide something.

Don’t forget Michael Douglas, he’s a liberal.

Don’t forget to put Martin Sheen in that ultra-liberal camp, Dewey.

It isn’t so much a celebrity’s politics that bug me, whether I agree with them or not.
For instance, I disagree with Robert Redford about politics, but he conducts himself with class when he discusses them and he puts his money where his mouth is, for the most part.
It’s when celebrities start discussing their politics in venues devoted to their celebrity that bugs me: the Oscars, the Emmies, the Grammies, interviews in show-business magazines (rather than magazines also devoted to politics as well as show business eg Rolling Stone), and MOST OF ALL, when they put their politics in their movies. I am not speaking of a movie where the politics are part of the plot, like Dead Man Walking, I am speaking of such things as the Lethal Weapon series, where Richard Donner spams the viewer with his politics in ways totally unconnected to the plot.
It also bugs me when a singer or group includes one “socially active” song per album, as if that makes them somehow socially conscious—Chicago used to be big into that.

*Originally posted by Oblong *
**Isn’t Stallone and Costner on the more conservative side of the middle?

Don’t know about Costner, but Stallone has parrotted liberal words on politics…frankly, I suspect he has no real beliefs of his own and just wants to sound relevant.

Garofalo has reminded me of how much I loathe celebs and their incessant need to meddle in shit they have no right to complain about

Hey Jenny, cunt, you think you can do a better job, why dont you run for Prez next time. Or will you be too busy writing sex/period/orgasm/masturbation jokes so circa-1995 that you’re only missing a Judge Ito crack?

Shut the fuck up and do what you are supposed to do, stand there, look pretty, be charming and playful as a porpoise and don’t pretend you have an opinion. Male or female, they all should be put in their place.

<b>For instance, I disagree with Robert Redford about politics, but he conducts himself with class when he discusses them and he puts his money where his mouth is, for the most part. </b>

You must have missed the NYT Mag interview where Mr. Enviro Redford was asked about what he drives. Happens to be a big-ass SUV. He justifies it by saying he has a lot of property, and he likes to go off-roading. Oh, OK, if that’s the case, then I guess all the people in the Western US who own SUVs are off the hook too, as I’m sure they off-road once in a while.

He did get flamed bad by the readership, though.

Hear now the words of James, the Oracle @ , and (excerpts from) the speech he states that Martin Scorces should have made rather than the one he did:

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