Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day!

Today, the 22nd of April, is Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!

I have to go out tomorrow and pay the phone bill and the rent in person, swing by Coldstone’s on the way back and pick up Mr. Rilch’s birthday cake, drop it at the house, go out again to pay my Visa bill, get one of Mr. Rilch’s presents if I have time, and finally keep a doctor’s appointment. By that time, I won’t care how long the line is at the Ben and Jerry’s store. If it seems excessive, I will get a book or magazine at Barnes and Noble. That will extend the wait time a bit further, of course, but I’ll have something to occupy myself. Then I’ll be refreshed enough to get the present, if I haven’t already.

I just wish I knew what flavors they have at the moment. I’d like to go in already knowing what I want; I know from experience how much cashiers love ummmm-ers and counter-drapers. Maybe they still have some Bovinity Divinity. (I refuse to accept that that flavor has been discontinued. The editor goofed: it was supposed to go on the Most Popular Flavors list, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Yogurt is being axed.)

Alas, I don’t think there’s B&J around here…

I’ve yet to find one in Vancouver :frowning:

I went over yesterday and got a New York Super Fudge Chunk. I think I’m officially burned out on ice cream.

This thread is a result of that trip, where in addition to the free ice cream I picked up a pamphlet on how to fight global warming.

You are telling me this too late… :frowning:

They should do it in Summer. It was too cold for ice cream 4/22.

Oh, Rilchiam, don’t forget to put the cake in the freezer when you get home.