Ben from Cash Cab- funny stand up act?

We decided on a whim to go see Ben Bailey from Cash Cab doing stand-up comedy at the Improv tonight.

Anybody seen him? What did you think?

Nope, but I’d imagine he’d be pretty good.

Edit: Found some online:

I saw him on Comedy Central once. Had me laughing pretty consistently and heartily. Seeing him in person would rock.

His jokes aren’t always of the highest quality, but I love his delivery. He’s fun to listen to.

We saw him in a comedy club in Greenwich Village a few years ago (pre Cash Cab) and he was very entertaining.

Well, last night was great- the guy was hilarious! We laughed almost non-stop, with only one groaner. He seems like a naturally funny guy. His opener was excellent as well- we want to call the club today and find out who he was.

Check him out if you get a chance. You won’t regret it.


Ben Bailey is one of the funniest stand up acts I have EVER seen. Infact I knew him from The Comedy Cellar before Cash Cab even started. The guy is nearly 7 feet tall too, so his head nearly touches the ceiling when he’s on stage there.

A quote from his act used to be in my aim profile - “One thing I hate about this city is when I’m getting off the subway and it takes me forever to get up the stairs because of the slow pokes in front of me. What I want to know is…how do they keep beating me off the train?” The second time I saw him, a heckler yelled out “they were on the train that arrived before yours” and Ben spent the next 5 minutes tearing that guy a new asshole. It was legendary.

Hey, Moirai, where abouts in CA are you? I’m in SoCal, near Los Angeles, and would love to see Ben Bailey in person. It wasn’t the Irvine Improv, was it?

The Comedy Cellar…that’s where we saw him. Packed in like sardines, just around the corner from Cafe Wha? where Hendrix was “discovered”!

I saw him on Comedy Central once. Expected to like it, but found it to be, mostly, very unfunny. Maybe it’s just me.

I think he does a great job on Cash Cab, though.