Bend over Boys, Microsoft is coming at ya

Lubricant optional:

Ma Bell got nothin’ on Gates and crew!

You know, this may just explain the bluescreens I get about once every three or four reboots. I have WGA installed, figuring that it was just a simple legitemacy check which I’d pass anyway. I wasn’t aware that it was creating some serious instability issues with people’s machines. I thought there was just something funky with my setup – this having started occurring immediately after building a new system a few months ago. I’m going to see if I can’t kill WGA off the system and see if that makes any difference.


… tell me about Linux.


Yeah…I have a perfectly legit copy of Windows XP pro and the Microsoft Web site won’t let me download any of their programs (media player, et cetera) because it claims that my copy isn’t “genuine.” And I love how they don’t say “You cracked a copy of Windows!!!” but “You have been the victim of software piracy.”

sigh It just proves to me more and more that I need to fully switch over to Macintosh.


Hmmm. I followed a few links to find how to remove this program, but it doesn’t seem to be present on my system at all.

I certainly feel I was morally in the right when a particular Office install farked because it wrongly claimed that it had been activated on another computer. I installed a cracked version instead.

This is a big concern to corporations which have large number of computers not hooked to the internet. This is not as uncommon as you might think. It is also a big problmen for companies with a large number of legacy applications. Companies with legacy apps are often reluctant to apply patches as they may interfere with applications which are no longer supported.

Sometimes pirates have key generators that generate keys which match keyes of legitimately purchased software. There is nothing you as an individual can do to prevent that. Many means you have of showing that you have a real copy of windows can be imitated by pirates. Yes, it is a PITA for Microsoft to deal with claims that a copy they have locked out is legit, but all customer service is a PITA.

Windows Genuine Advantage (at Wiki, for those of us who know nothing of the dark side).
That’s a really degrading name. I see why the acronym is so popular.

I just checked the old control panel…“This update cannot be removed”.

Glad I clicked this thread. After reading it, I noticed that I have updates ready to be installed. Sure enough, one of them was WGA. I won’t be installing it at this time, on general principle. Thanks for the heads up.

Perhaps you misunderstand. According to that article (and several others), by this fall, installing WGA will become mandatory. If you don’t install it, Microsoft will remotely shut off your Windows installation.

Actually, the article in the OP indicates that Microsoft will not shut it off remotely, but that it will cease to function until it is installed after a 30 day grace period once the WGA becomes mandatory. In a sense, it is much like installing Windows without activating it; you have the 30 day grace period for activation before it becomes necessary to do so to be able to continue using it.

How is that any different? Microsoft will, at some point, remotely instruct your computer stop functioning in 30 days, unless WGA is installed.

And if they do, I shall promptly sue their ass. I happen to know a brilliant, sexy, and witty attorney who hates the hell outta overreaching cooperations. And yes, ladies, he is single…

BAH…it’s been a long week. I meant corporation.

Don’t have the time to search, but had a link to a M$ page as how to deactivate and/or remove WGA.

I spect Microsoft has more and better lawyers than Carter has pills.
After all, Gates made a deal with the devil. :slight_smile:

You may know some real sharks, but MS owns megalodons.

I didn’t make any deals with Gates. He can dig up the corpse of Daniel Webster if he wants to, but I’ll stomp his undead ass.

And then I’ll give Martha a ride on “Space Mountain”. Woooooooo!

Even if you’re posting with Linux or on a Mac, I think your name is already on A List.

…and I’m glad. Glad, do you hear me, glad!


Here is an article from the Microsoft website entitled, “How to disable or uninstall the pilot version of Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications.”