Benefits of urushiol oil?

Any one notice any positive side effects from poison ivy?

I ask because poison ivy appeared to eradicate a skin tag on my arm. I contracted PI on my arm. it spread a little bit and surrounded a skin tag. Within days it turned red, then swelled the skin tag into a hard little ball that then deflated to the point where I just picked it off with no bleeding.

Maybe it will comeback later, i don’t know but I am wondering what would happen to a wart exposed to urushiol oil?

Whadayawannabet if you dilute it a bazillion times it’s a homeopathic remedy for something? :smiley:

Most likely itching. :smiley:

I think the OP’s situation is possible. When I was kid I had warts. Lots of warts. I think it was 20 or 30 something at one time (mostly on my hands). I spent a month or so at a distant relatives one summer with other kids my age. Not much to do so we played in the pool, got bored, went inside for a bit, more pool, walked around the neighborhood, more pool…and so on and so on.

These folks had the chlorine on that pool set to 11. I turned blonde. That much exposure to that stuff probably is not recommended by the surgeon general. But it DID make the warts go away. And they never came back.

So I can imagine shit that aint good for skin in general might do some good here and there.

I’ve got your remedy…

Think face peel.

Perhaps a preventative for poison ivy exposure? The master speaks. But he does not mention diluting it a bazillionfold.