Benghazi- give up the faux scandal already. It didn't work.

Seriously guys. Nobody is biting. I know you want to whip up the masses, but nobody cares. Nobody is demanding answers. It’s not interesting and it’s not going to work.

Maybe next time, you can fake your scandal off of something that isn’t in quite as poor of taste as trying to capitalize on some very unfortunate deaths.

You might get more traction sending that to

I don’t get it either.

The entire complain seems to be, “We weren’t told what we wanted to hear, (the word terrorism!), on the schedule we’d prefer, (psychically, while things were still developing), and we’re never going to let it go!”

Oh, they aren’t going to give it up. Birtherism was getting stale, so people needed a new story to act all outraged about. If it weren’t Benghazi, it’d be something else. And hey, this expands the geographical knowledge of Republicans. Now they know where Kenya AND Libya are! And by 2015, maybe the majority will have stopped spelling it Lybia!

I don’t agree with even sven on a lot of things. This is one of the things we are in accordance on, 100%.

I think they are trying to keep this up in case Hilary decides to run for 2016. I didn’t see a whole lot of questioning going on until she stepped up to the plate to take blame.

Hannity is still flogging this - was prominently on his radio show. Apparently, he’s going for full-on conspiracy theory territory. Obama personally issued stand down orders so no one would help, because, obviously, he wanted the ambassador to die as he watched live on his wrist-watch phone or some shit, I couldn’t really piece it all together. But it wasn’t far off from that on the bat-shit scale.

Yea, even by the standards of FOX made up scandals, the Benghazi thing seems like weak tea. And they’re hanging onto it like its the last piece of floating wreckage from their sunken ship. Someone posted a post-election rant from Orson Scott Card in another thread where he couldn’t believe Americans would vote for a guy who was so obviously complicit in murdering American diplomats (why Obama wants to murder diplomats is, so far as I can tell, not really addressed).

I imagine the effort the GOP is putting into talking about it is mainly timing. In the run-up to the election, they needed some new horrible accusation against the Prez to tell their supporters was going to push Romney over the top. Benghazi was in the news: so that’s why they decided to run with it. Common sense be damned.

Good point. And the streak of “If I believe it, all real Americans will believe it” method of reasoning that is resonating today’s right wing means that they won’t necessarily give it up even if it’s a non-starter.

I loved the line in the Card piece where he was complaining that the Democrats and the media viewed Darrell Issa’s informational requests as if, paraphrased, he was only asking for partisan reasons.

I mean, who in the world could possibly think Issa is partisan?

I think that’s a symptom of thinking that the right wing way of thinking is the default. It’s the “true American” way of thinking. “Real” Americans versus “them.”

They screwed up a bit, there’s no doubt about that. Even the intelligence they had at the time that we now know about seems to indicate that Obama/Clinton or whoever was kind of lying.

But I agree that they’ve really made a mountain out of a molehill. It’s not quite on the same level as birtherism, but it’s not too many levels above it either.

I for one really thought they should have stuck to the “Obama responded too quickly to Sandy” story. That one was a real gem.

There was no lie. They never said that the cause was unequivocally protest over the video. What else did they supposedly lie about?

They lied about the fact that they had to kill the ambassador in order to cover up the fact that he knew who really killed Vince Foster (hint: it was the lizard people)

I think at one point they said they were shocked that Romney would attempt to turn the Benghazi incident into a political attack, when I’m pretty sure they weren’t all that shocked.

Goddamn lizard people. Why don’t they pick on someone their own thermoregulation type?

Pubs take note: The correct spelling is “Labia.”

I don’t see how people can’t accurately call it a scandal. David Petraeus should be tried for treason and dereliction of duty for failing to answer his phone when his CIA subordinates were frantically calling him for guidance on sending assets to help the consulate because he was too busy banging his mistress to be arsed to pick up the phone.


Say what now?

You don’t …can’t?

(Please tell us you’re not yet a high school graduate!)

It’s an improvement over “Operation Fast And Furious”. Now there was a scandal desperately in search of traction.

There’s nothing wrong with what he wrote.

Well, there’s nothing grammatically wrong with what he wrote. Content-wise it’s another thing entirely.