Bent credit/debit card, common?

I recieved my new debit card for my new bank the other day.

It’s only slightly bent, probably 3 or 4 degrees difference between one end and the other, but to the ridiculously sensetive ability of the human brain to detect non-paralells, non-right-angles, and curves it is CONSPICOUSLY bent.
Is it common to recieve bent cards? Should I order a new one?

I’ve never received a bent one before. If it works in card readers I wouldn’t worry about it. But certainly feel free to order a new one if it makes you happy.

How common? Not very, I’d say. Do you suppose it’s a deliberate style choice by the issuer, or a manufacturing fault?

(I have a credit card that has three right angle corners and one (deliberate) pronounced curved corner. At home it’s pretty commonplace, but overseas it’s a great conversation starter–it seems every store attendants wanted to chat to me about my funky credit card.)