Bernard Cribbins got credited as a Companion!

No, as it wasn’t shown Over Here. But the “Fawlty Towers” mention gave an instant “He was the ‘hotel inspector!’” moment.

Kids have been watching “WWII: Behind Closed Doors.” It took a while, but FDR was the engineer on “Greg the Bunny.”

A great Bernard Cribbins moment.

For non-brits: over here we have a childrens’ program called Jackanory, in which various famous people read out loud books for children. This has lasted for over 30 years. The most prolific guest reader is Bernard Cribbins with 111 episodes credited. Several generations of kids have grown up listening to him read out stories.

So, an adult chat show invited him to talk about his appearance on Doctor Who, and to read out a Christmas story. See his appearance here:

To really appreciate it, you have to have grown up seeing him read out stories on TV, but Americans and others might get about 50-75% of the benefit from this clip.