Bernard Cribbins got credited as a Companion!

Those who know what I’m talking about may skip this. Most of the rest of you knew it a week ago.

He deserved it. RIP.


Oh Wilf was awesome! I must have teared up 4 or 5 times during that episode. God it still hasn’t really sunken in yet. :frowning:

Oh. My bad. I saw an inaccurate obituary.

why RIP? Has he died? I can’t see anything on Google news about it.

It was another member of the cast who died.

Not to be junior-modding, or anything, but if your OP is really aimed at people who don’t know what you’re talking about, you might want to fill in a few more details.

I recognize the name from Fawlty Towers and Casino Royale, and I get the Doctor Who reference, but how does one become officially recognized as a companion?

By being listed as such on the BBC Dr Who website, for a start. But there he’s listed as a Friend and Ally.

Interestingly, Wilfred isn’t a Companion, but Astrid and Lady Christina are.

Big spoiler warning.

I mean it. Don’t open unless you’ve seen the Christmas special

Really. Last chance

He gets himself in mortal danger, and the Doctor has to sacrifice one of his remaining lives to release him. Only companions do that.

Well, if that’s the criteria for becoming an official companion, then most of the Doctor’s recognized companions really aren’t.

Mere technicalities. He got second billing. That makes him a Companion. :smiley:

Actually, third billing. John Simm was second, and he’s definitely not a companion.

BTW, non-Brits can’t get into the “real” Doctor Who website. It says, “not available in your area” or “UK only.”

I’m gonna be rightly pissed if he dies in the show and the OP spoiled the fact. I just checked the Wiki page on Bernard Cribbins is not dead, so I hope that the ‘RIP’ is not a spoiler.

Tommy, I already apologized for my error. :frowning: He’s alive and well. :slight_smile:

Okay, third billing, but after the last two Time Lords.

I missed the apology, but absolutely accepted. It aired here in the US last night and I plan to cozy up with a nice warm drink and watch both episodes later today. Mr. Tennant’s love and respect of the series absolutely showed in his performance and will be sorely missed.

I want a Wilf action figure.

I’m used to actors on the Beeb being only there. It wasn’t until Robot Arm mentioned Fawlty Towers that it clicked: “He’s the hotel inspector!”

And he is absolutely a Companion.

Did you ever see him in The Last Detective? Well worth checking out.

Note that it also has 6th Doctor actor Colin Baker in a medium sized role. (Not a major part, nor a bit part)

This was later re-made with 5th Doctor Peter Davison in the title role. A triple Who connection. Bernard’s version was better.