Thrid series of Doctor Who commissioned

And Rose will be staying all the way through the second series



Spoiler Alert on that link! Spoiler Alert on that link!

Read with caution if you don’t want to know about this week’s conclusion!
Further series commissions are good news, as long as they don’t follow the usual pattern of BBC commisions that eventually killed Dr Who the last time around. i.e. Yes please, we’ll have more of the same, but cheaper.

That’s fantastic news. Looking forward to the return of the Cybermen, especially if they go back to the classic look, i.e. like the head seen in “Dalek”.

The lack of warning for the spoiler is not a bad thing, anyone that has been watching the series would have worked out what’s going to happen by now. They still did not actually give the game away as to the identity of Bad Wolf, so there’s still reasons to watch.

Woooo Hoooooo!

This is wonderful news. I am glad to hear that the BBC seems to have committed fully to the new series. I’m anxiously awaiting Saturday night when I can view the last episode of this season.

I’m suprised that Rose is remaining thru the entire 2nd series. She’s becoming one of the longest running companions. I wonder if Captain Jack will remain?

Anyone have any idea when they’ll come over?

Another cheer from over here!

I’m lucky. I’m in the US, but close enough to Canada to get a Canadian station. That’s how I’m getting it.

Still no news, I’m afraid. As things stand, your best bet is to order the Region 2 DVDs or make use of those methods disapproved of by the MPAA.

Well, it’s not all that classic, since the head in “Dalek” is from “Revenge of the Cybermen” … somewhat past their prime in that one, were the Cybermen, I think …

(Yes, I am an unashamed Who geek, why do you ask?)

After the satisfying conclusion to the current season, I’ll be looking forward to more Who after the Christmas invasion :smiley:

I’m sad that Christopher Eccleston. Well that’s 10 and 3 to go

I’m sad that Christopher Eccleston isn’t staying. Well that’s 10 down and 3 to go.

As for how people in the USA see the new Doctor Who series, I’ve been getting the episodes from USENET and burning them on DVDs. Just getting ready to create DVD 4 covering the end of the 2005 season.

Hasn’t that look been around since “Invasion” in the Troughton era or am I misremembering it? I got the impression that the Cybermen in “Revenge of the Cybermen”, were just the survivors of that era.

Personally I wasn’t keen on the original (Tenth Planet) Cybermen or the “Tombs of the Cybermen” style, especially the voices, so for me this was the best era.

Later Cybermen became to weak and easy to kill, for example in “Silver Nemesis” where Ace kills them with gold coins from a slingshot. I thought that gold was supposed to kill them by coating their breathing apparatus, not become some super anti cyber metal.

How does that work anyway, if Cybermen are essentially human why would gold be toxic? Surely their technology could be adapted to prevent this anyway.

I do not believe the MPAA has any standing re: Doctor Who, since no US broadcaster holds any rights to the program; and the BBC doesn’t fall under MPAA jurisdiction.

Can’t wait for the DVDs - hopefully Canada will get their region 1 disks this fall.

I think its a matter of jamming their breathing apparatus, not necessarily anything toxic. Bit of a leap of the imagination but I’ll let it pass.

I hope the Cybermen come back during the next season, they were scarier to me as a kid than the Dalek’s (I think it was the they-can-walk-up-stairs idea :wink: ) They never seemed very capable though in comparison with their pepper pot friends.

That’s what I mean, I can see the logic in Tom Baker’s Doctor using gold dust to suffocate them, if as is often suggested Cybermen are almost as bullet proof as Daleks then the missile that Ace used should just bounce off whether it is gold or not.

Even given some million to one shot that actually penetrates the Cybermans armour the gold chunk would most likely sit in the point of impact as an inert lump given the non reactive nature of gold.

I have to say I prefer the Daleks to the Cybermen, but I hope that when they bring back the Cybermen they make their achilles heel more realistic.

Has anyone found any spoilers as to other future villains?

Yeah, I was thinking it would only be the Cybermen who can’t wear gold jewellery who would be affected by Ace’s catapult :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I have a mental picture of a Cyberman Mr T, very worrying. All decked out in gold chains and scared of flying.