Dr. Who: Doomsday (Spoilers)

“This the story of how i died.”

The last episode of the current series, and what an episode. The Daleks vs The Cybermen. A very poignant episode for lots of reasons. Without trying to give too much away the Cyberman have taken over the earth and the Daleks show up for their own reasons. 4 Daleks against 5 million Cybermen. The Cybermen offered the Daleks an alliance, which was refused. Which led to the best line of the episode. To paraphrase, the Daleks said to the Cybermen, “The only thing you are are superior at, is dying.”

There are some quite amusing moments which don’t seem to distract from the action. An emotion-filled episode like this one needed some lighter moments for balance.

David Tennant is proving to be excellent in the role. Not quite as “angry” as Ecclestone, but still conveys the “alienness” of the Doctor. Then anger is still there but not so explicit in this one.

The departure of Rose was one of the most emotional things I have seen on TV for a very long time. The Doctor showing how “human” he is becoming. And after that, the set up for the next series made me laugh out loud.

The tension was kept well throughout the episode and all in all a worthy ending to what had been an excellent series.

That was a great line.

Was that Catherine Tate at the end there? God, I depise that woman.




Ehh, I liked The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit better. It was an emotianal episode, true, but why must they keep bringing the Daleks back?


She is going to be in the Christmas special.

Surely this time they’ve finally all gone.

They keep brining them back because they are classic. They are as germane to the series as the TARDIS.

Next year they probably won’t have them return (but who knows?). I hope they bring back another classic, though, like the Sontarans or Draconians maybe.

Didn’t you catch the bit with the Black Dalek:


I personally love The Daleks, they used to terrify me when I was a kid, so I hope:

They will be back… They will invade… They will EX-TER-MIN-ATE! :smiley:

Oh and on the whole big finale, big exit, I was quoted last year in The Guardian (article, source of quote) about it, and I still believe that that will be the case, and that a new character will do nothing but good for the programme.

I thought he’d shifted to a parallel dimension, so had gone to Rose’s new home. I was wrong.


That was good.

That was very good.

And now nothing until Christmas. :frowning: :frowning:

At least we now know who his new assistant is going to be (and I don’t mean Catherine Tate)

Does anyone else find that the Daleks are more scary when there are only four of them left than when thousands of them are flying around London?Same goes for the Cybermen.

And what’s with the 3D glasses the Doctor kept putting on? Did I miss an explanation? (I know that they let him see the void-stuff but presumably they’re Timelord tech’ of some sort).

There are some tantalising questions unanswered, alas. For example:

[li]How was there a Torchwood Institute on the parallel Earth? We saw back in Tooth and Claw that the Doctor and Rose were the ones who prompted the fundation of Torchwood. Does this mean that there’s a parallel Doctor? (But if so, he can’t have been travelling with a parallel Rose, because there was no parallel Rose.)[/li][li]What happened to the Yvonne-cyberman? She hadn’t travelled through the voice, so she wouldn’t have been sucked into the breach. She may have been killed by the other cybermen, of course. Or she may not …[/li][/ul]
Seeds for future stories, perhaps. :wink:

I think that it’s a fair bet that we’ll see the Cybermen again, but I’m not sure about Yvonne. It didn’t look as if her upgrade took particularly well (“I did my duty”) so unless she somehow becomes CyberQueen, I’m not sure how that kind of individuality would sit with the Cybermen in general.

Definitely on the Daleks, not so much on the Cybermen. The old Cybermen I found terrifying even when they were solo, but the new ones not so much.

No, you didn’t miss an explanation. It’s just one of the Doctor’s toys which he had in the TARDIS, and pulled out. I think it’s a safe bet that they’re either Timelord technology, or something the Doctor whipped up.

Can’t wait for the spin-off series “Torchwood” which I believe starts in October on BBC3. I’m wondering how the universe of the Doctor will handled in a drama aimed at a post-watershed adult audience. The sets look impressive, at least the bits I’ve seen do, and I liked Captain Jack.

I’m also looking forward to the new BBC series “Robin Hood”, which starts soon (if the flaming arrow teasers are anything to go by). If they can do for the man in tights what they did for the Doctor then it’ll be awesome.

They’re a staple of Doctor Who, as much as the Klingons are to Star Trek. I’d prefer them a bit more as a omnipresent race though, more like the Borg in Star Trek instead of turning up and being knock right back on the head by the Doctor.

On another SF related board I post on, there was much speculation as to the contents of the ark. I’m glad in a way to see it wasn’t Davros, I’m of the generation never to have seen the Daleks sans Davros until the Ecclestone/Tennent series. I can appreciate their vindictive evil a lot more now :smiley:

I thought those 3d glasses enabled him to see the “space” between alternate universes . I’m sure I heard the Doctor say that.

They let him see the radiation a traveller between the universes picked up. I’m not sure there was an explanation given.

Shouldn’t the Tardis have been sucked into the void?
Or was it only living things that were affected?
(but I thought the Tardis was alive-ish… :confused: )

The Tardis went through a couple of episodes ago, Rose and The Doctor both went through in the episode, perhaps the radiation had time to wear off?

Or perhaps since the Tardis can orbit a supernova and use it as a big battery, it can easily withstand being whipped into the void.

One issue I have is how alt-Pete was able to zap himself right infront of the mouth of the void and catch Rose, without them both being whipped into the mouth itself. Rather comical to watch the Daleks fly wailing into the mouth of the void and a lot more satisfying than that bloody “Bad Wolf” crap :rolleyes:

I felt that Rose’s last scene with the Doctor was very good, and the right ending for her.

The Dalek Supreme’s declaration that “We would exterminate five million Cybermen with ONE Dalek!” sent a chill down my spine.

The problem with the Daleks is they’ve gone to that particular well too many times in the new series already, especially given the backstory they’ve set up. We begin the series and are told all the Daleks and Time Lords (save the Doctor) were killed in the Time War…

…except for this ‘Last Dalek’. But now he’s gone so they’re really all dead…

…um, wait there’s another half million at the edge of the solar system for the season finale. But now they’re all gone…

…ok, here’s four more. Wait, make that a million. But now they’re all gone. Or voided, anyway. Except for that one.

I mean, I think we all knew they would show up sooner or later, but five episodes out of 27? For being almost completely eradicated, they seem to be showing up more than ever.