So what bad guys ought to show up on the new 'Doctor Who?'

I’m sure the Master will pop by to cackle, jeer, and shrink a few folks down to doll size. So long as he is NOT played by Eric Roberts, i’ll be happy.

I’d like to see the Daleks, but lord please give them a makeover. Get rid of the suction cups, and give them some mechanical arms. The big giant eye stalks ought to be traded in for something “a bit more compact.”

It’d probably be no use bringing back the Cybermen, as new viewers would mistakenly take them for a poor man’s version of the Borg.

I disagree. I don’t think they should modernize them. They made them fly once, and that sucked. I want to see real old fashioned Daleks, with the indicators from a Mini stuck on each side of their heads, a sink plunger, and an egg whisk.

I remember a great big green slimy plant creature that near made me shit myself when I was 10. I became scared of trees for at least an hour afterwards. That would be cool too.

Crossover time!

Q and Darth Vader.
Don’t hurt me…

Crossover time!

Q and Darth Vader.
Don’t hurt me…

One Doctor Who site says “It’s obvious to any Who fan that the Borg are just Cyberman who’ve watched Hellraiser too many times.”

I say bring on the Cybermen, the Sontarans, The Daleks, all the old greats.
I vote for both updated and classic versions. I’ve seen some very interesting fan designs on the net.

I remember a monster on one of the older Tom Baker ones that was a shiny female. IIRC she “ate” sound or something of that nature. I think that would be a cool villian to bring back. I remember the Doctor saying “Evolution had gone up a blind alley with her” or maybe “up a dead end”…

I agrre with those that say DON’T change the Daleks a bit! “Exterminate!”



Also, how 'bout the Rani?

Speaking of which, what’s the name of the race ‘Sockeye’ belongs to? The squat bloke that wanted to eat Dr Who’s kilt’ed claymore weilding companion (possibly Jamie)? Cica 2-4’th reincarnation of the Doctor.

I hope they bring back some of their HP Lovecraft / Cthulhu inspired stories. Any changes to Daleks need to be very subtle, the suction cups should be cgi’ed to make them truly manipulatory devices, and their motion needs to be improved so we no longer think stairs would be too much for them to handle. The actual Dalek creature could now be cgi’ed into a scary motive being in its own right.

Shockeye was an Androgum.

That slimy green creature would have been the Krynoid! that was a fun one.

I wish U.N.I.T would be involved. I always had a thing for Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. “Just once I’d like to meet an alien menace that isn’t immune to bullets!”

“Doctor, do you have your sonic screwdriver?”
“No. I’ve something better.”
“This pocket fisherman!”
Question- Does anybody ever use the Doctor’s name? He has too many aliases too list (Merlin, Mulwych, Wu, Wu, Wu, etc). But I’ve never seen an episode where anybody uses his actual name, or even calls him Doctor Who. It’s always “Doctor” or “The Doctor”

Just my 2 pence, but if he doesn’t encounter the Daleks at some point, then it ain’t Doctor Who.

“Image of the Fendahl” I think :slight_smile:

I think the Rani needs to come back. She was so much more competent than that lunatic “the Master”, with her own goals (not just being obsessed with the Doctor).

I think the shiny female may have been “Eldrad”, I forget what story she was in.

I’d like to see Magnus Greel (from Talons of Weng-Chiang) return.

Daleks, Cybermen, the Master and Silurians are all well and good, but if the new series can’t come up with a steady stream of great one-off villans, it will suck. I wouldn’t even mind if he actually thwated the evil ambitions of a couple of humans along the way.


It’s my understanding that his name is NOT Dr. Who. I think there might be a flub somewhere in all those episodes where he is called Dr. Who, though. It would ruin it if we knew his name. Besides, didn’t he say his name was John Smith (Jon Pertwee)?:wink:

“Eldrad” was a Kastrian from “the Hand of Fear.” IIRC, Sarah-Jane found a crystalline hand, which slowly began growing into a full humanoid being by absorbing radiation. Eldrad was actually a man originally, but needed a 'template" on which to base his regeneration, which in this case was Sarah-Jane. I always wondered if “kastrian” was a sneaky reference to Eldrad being “castrated” (e.g. losing his manhood.)

I thought of some monsters/ villains I’d like to see again:

The Zygons - just without that awful Loch Ness Monster. (Let’s 'em sick some new, CGI-enhanced cybernetic sea monsters on the Doc.)

The Ice Warriors - I always thought it was interesting that a formerly malevolant race could evolve into a more pacifistic culture (as they did in the first “Peladon” adventure.)

The Fendahl - the previously mentioned H.P. Lovecraft inspired critters. Always loved that story. (Bit of trivia: Louise Jameson said that the estate they shot the location footage on was owned by Mick Jagger.)