So what bad guys ought to show up on the new 'Doctor Who?'

As I mentioned in another thread, that could present a continuity problem. (link contains spoilers for those who have yet to see Series 25)

I know of one such flub. In series 25 episode Silver Nemisis, spoken by Lady Peinforte.

The Wild Sorority Girls of Planet Playtex.

No, wait–that’s Star Trek…

The Meddling Monk.

Because he was only one of two Dr. Who villains who were not trying to be evil. He (and the other, Helen A.) were trying to do good (even by non-twisted standards).

It wouldn’t be bad to bring back the Black Guardian, too – caused the Doctor trouble for years despite only appearing on the show two or three times.

Definately, if they can find someone like Peter Butterworth to play him.

I’d also like to see the old fashioned Cybermen with the cloth looking blank faces and human hands. Creepy.

And Ice Warriors, as look as they aren’t as shiny when filmed in color.

I always thought that the references to the Doctor being named “Who” were related to the name he foreswore after becoming a renegade, “Who” being only the first or most prominant syllable of his full Time Lord name.

I’d like to finally see a full explanation of his Gallifreyan past.

Are the Master and the Rani spouses? They seem to know each other from back in the day, and certainly those two psychopaths deserve each other. If so, I have this idea for one of the Doctor’s new companions: A young female Gallifreyan cadet, in training to become a full Time Lord, who is their daughter, and having a terrible time downliving her parents’ reputation. When no one else will sponsor her field trials in time travel, she turns to the Doctor (who despite everything remains technically qualified as an instructor), and he takes her on, despite not being absolutely sure she isn’t planning to follow in her parents’ footsteps.

No, his name isn’t Who. The origin came from the second episode of the series when Ian Chesterton says something like “Dr. Foreman, that’s not his name. Who is he? Doctor Who?”

I’ve read that “Doctor Who?” was the standard response whenever the Doctor said his real name.

“Oh No! It’s Dick Cheney!


I hear that the Haliburtons can be pretty darned evil.

IIRC the Cybermen no longer have human hands. They’ve gradually been replacing their organic parts with mechanical ones. Verrain told me that they had difficulties with the brain, but have finally overcome this obstacle and are now completely mechanical.

As long as Anthony Ainley* gets some screen time, I’ll be happy.

Stephen Hawking as Davros seems sort of mean-spirited, but if he was up for it, that would be pretty cool, actually…

[sub]* [/sub]

The point with time travel is that there is always a ‘longer’.

Don’t the Daleks have time travel abilities too? I love the series but I’m not a big enough fan to know for sure. They must come back!

Sorry, I forgot to mention the Yeti! I cant remember anything of the episode other than the fact that they scared me when I was young :slight_smile:

In the cybermen’s first appearance, The Tenth Planet, their costumes had human arms.

I’m not sure either, which is why I said it could be a problem. I know they were after the Hand of Omega because it would elevate them to the same level as the Time Lords.

I know I’m out of it, but … new Doctor Who?? I haven’t heard! I’ve been busy collecting all the old ones on DVD as they’re being released.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the site was. But, I have seen a site with pictures of the Cybermen’s changing appearance. They started out as wrapped in bandages, with huge respirators on their chests, and bare hands. The commentary read, in part, “If you could smell them, they’d smell of hospitals.”. Each time they’ve appeared, the Cyberman have looked more mechanical.

Ah! A search on “Cybermen”(AND)“hospitals” yields this.

Movellans. They were supposed to be the big pain in the Daleks’ ass (although, where their ass would be is anyone’s guess), whuppin’ 'em in a big intergalactic mega-war, and yet we saw them once. Besides, I had a crush on that Movellan chick (Agella?) when I was 12.

And if you’re going to put the Daleks in the middle of a big war, why not set them against the Sontarans? Didn’t they have a gigantic army? You could drop the Tardis (in a quarry) on a planet featuring a 3 way war between the Daleks, Movellans and Sontarans, and hey, the script practically writes itself. And Rutans! Yeah! Oooh! I got it! A planet full of Adric clones, being fought over by the Daleks, Movellans, Sontarans and Rutans! It could end with the local sun going supernova, and everyone would be happy!

First of all, is there a new Doctor Who in the works, or is this just for if and when a new one is made?
Second, I always thought that since we all know (those of us who saw Remembrance of the Daleks) that Davros escaped (again) that it would be cool if he and the cybermen (you know that there has to be one or two that survived) combined forces and a new Cyber-Dalek would be created. Just think of this, the lower body of a Dalek, and the upper body of a Cyberman. It think that that would be cool.
And hey, even though I love the series, in fact I’m collecting it, I haven’t seen them all. Is there any episodes that show what the Rutans look like? I’ve seen the Sontarans, but not the Rutans.