Doctor Who Family of Blood

The Doctor can be a vindictive son of a gun, can’t he? :slight_smile:

Yes, but I liked it.

Of course I was bawling like a baby for all he lost, but…

Dagmummit! I looked before I reopened the previous thread , too.

Thanks, Maus, my search didn’t turn it up. :slight_smile:

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one crying at the end of this episode, though not as much as The Girl in the Fireplace. …Dammit…talk amongst yourselves…

Note to myself: Do not cross The Doctor. It is always very interesting whenever they delve into his dark side. No second chances.

What, they wanted to live forever. He granted their wishes. It was mighty nice of him.

I liked the Matron’s question to the Doctor. “If you did not randomly pick here to hide, would those people be dead now?”

He had no answer.
The kid and then visiting him all those decades later at the memorial is what got me teared up a little. What was it for everyone else?

It was a very good and dark episode. The little girl was particularly haunting. The Red Balloon just struck me as something I vaguely remember from childhood and I cannot remember what it was.

I still do not like this companion as much.


For me, the teary part was when he had to decide whether to open the watch. I don’t think the Doctor ever considered that he’d essentially be creating a real person, who he’d be killing by coming back. I thought David Tennant did a great job transitioning from pretending to be John Smith to revealing himself as The Doctor. “You really shouldn’t have let me press all those buttons.” :smiley:

I don’t dislike Martha, but I would have liked it if the nurse became his companion. Of course, my opinion is colored by me being a fan of Spaced, which features that actress.

Since there’s a previous thread going on over here, I’ll go ahead and close this one.

I’ve been told that the other thread has some spoilers for the American audience (apparently, it deals with the English airing of the episode). Because of that, I’ll go ahead and re-open this one.

Thank you that was very cool.

Unauthorized Cinnamon: I don’t dislike Martha, I just liked Billy Piper’s character of Rose Tyler better. Maybe Martha will improve.


I’m getting seasick… :slight_smile: