Bernie DESTROYS the opposition in Nevada

I hadn’t seen that YouTube video of him defending Ortega until today. The Russians didn’t move to his corner until this week.

He’s going to take an absolute beating.

You live in a bubble.

Yes I really do. Why else would the Russians help Bernie? All the Pubbies have to do is hammer him until we’re sick of it with the hammer and sickle. Republican voters will visit their doctor with their socialist Medicare, cash their socialist Social Security check, drive on their socialists roads and cast their votes to save the country from the evils of socialism.

There are a dozen videos or more of Trump defending and praising Putin, Kim Jong Un, and more – and just in the last couple of years, rather than 30 years ago for Bernie. This stuff doesn’t matter nearly as much as we used to think it does.

Because the Russians sometimes make mistakes? Because they want Democrats fighting Democrats? Because they want us to think they’re helping Bernie even as they’re not? Who knows? We shouldn’t be taking into account Russian propaganda efforts and possible misdirection and psy ops when trying to choose our candidate. We don’t know what Putin really wants, except for a weaker America.

You realize the Russian playbook is to sow dissent. They are stirring the pot.

I guarantee you the Russians prefer Trump to anyone else and I would argue Sanders/Warren winning would be their least favorite outcome.

You could go that route. Here’s another route you could go.

They do not realize this. They’re too busy dissenting.

You are going to let Putin vote for you?

You could argue that, but you’re going to have to somehow convince me that you know more about this than the U.S. Intelligence Agency, who says that they’re attempting to help Bernie Sanders.

The 50s are calling. They want their anticommunism back.

There is no conflict here. The Russians could be attempting to help Bernie Sanders because they know this will be discovered and could aid in their goals of sowing dissent and distrust. We just don’t know, and can’t know. Vote for the candidate you want to.

On this point, I believe you are woefully wrong. You need to replace ‘Sanders’ with ‘Biden’ in your words above. Trump and the Russians aren’t scouring for dirt. They’re making it up. Sanders is not going to be exempt.

How many hit pieces have you seen against Sanders by Trump? How many “investigations” have been ginned up against him? Mark my words: If Bernie is the nominee, just watch how Trump and the Russians push false narratives, same as they have done to Biden throughout the Democratic primary process.

Joe Biden is one of the most trusted politicians in the country, and the reason many of us believe the manufactured dirt that has been and will continue to be thrown at him by TrumpCo/Putin will not stick as hard. It’s why he’s still in second place despite Trump’s best efforts to smear him throughout the primary process.

A chart worth perusing. (Foreign Policy Research Institute) Note that the piece was written before US intelligence agencies told Sanders that the Russians were actively working to help him in the primary.

So they’re going to do what they would have done to any other candidate if it wasn’t Bernie.

I’m sorry, but I think you and a few others don’t understand the shift that’s happened. The ‘Centre’ You think exists doesn’t anymore, in fact, it had a stroke during the financial crisis in 2008, it was on life support with Obama and then died when Trump came to power.

Bernie is the anti trump. They want a vicious campaign of polarity, and then have dt win and go on to oligarchy. From over there all they know is that bernie is their man for this project.

But if bernie wins that won’t happen. So it is undisputed truth that putin is helping bernie in order to sow discord, and that he would hate a sanders administration above all other dem candidates.

And those same agencies show them helping other candidates too.

The Russians want to stir dissent and divide people. It is literally in their playbook and they are good at it.

Do you think Sanders has asked for Russian help? Do you think Russians want Sanders to win?

Yeah… thanks to 25% of Bernie supporters sabotaging the Democratic party, and helping Donald Trump.

That’s some mind-bending rationalization you have going on there.

I 100% believe that the Russians want Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination, yes.

There are a few theories as to why Russians would help Sanders.

  1. They think he’s the weakest candidate and want Trump to win, so they’re helping Sanders now to prep the field for Trump.
  2. They think Sanders is a strong candidate and know that helping him will be discovered, weakening him.
  3. They want to fuck shit up in our country, and know that helping him will decrease trust in politicians and the media, because some segment of Sanders supporters will refuse to believe that Russia’s helping him.
  4. They want to fuck shit up in our country, and think that helping to move people who want major change to US institutions into the halls of power will do that, since that worked so well with Trump; Sanders wants to change US institutions, so supporting him will further their aims.
  5. They want to fuck shit up in our country, and so they’re supporting candidates that a lot of people dislike, so that everyone keeps yelling at each other.

If you’re gonna support one of these theories above another, or if you have a different theory, can you back it up with evidence?