Bernie DESTROYS the opposition in Nevada

It wasn’t even close and this spells trouble for Biden, if he loses South Carolina he has to go. My bet is that if Biden goes the Hillary influenced part of the party will coalesce around Buttigieg.

Yep, Biden better campaign like crazy in S.C. all week long.

Existing thread a mere two entries below this one: Nevada Caucuses Discussion.

Try and remember that Bill Clinton didn’t win a primary until the sixth one, in Georgia. We’re far from an outcome at this stage.

To quote Chris Matthews, ‘It’s over’

LOL, if only I cared about what Chris Matthews thinks. :slight_smile:

Ah, more sore winning from Bernie Bros.

Now, were these caucuses rigged? Not sure, IIRC they’re not rigged because they show Bernie winning.

Wow…trying to spin a win into a loss.

I don’t get it…I really don’t. If you are liberally minded (or at least a democrat) why the negativity?

The better question would have been, would they have staggered the result if the margin of victory was similar to what it was in Iowa?

Looks like Pete ‘petit bourgeois’ Buttigieg has his work cut out for him.

Christ, in the most important election in the history of the world, we could nominate about the only fucking person who not only could lose to the Orange Fascist, but give him a compliant House and Senate. Goodbye democracy.

There is no doubt Bernie kicked ass today. It is so very Bernie Bro to be a sore winner when he wins and cry rigged when he loses.

From that thread:

I am currently seeing:

  • Sanders 54%
  • Biden 18%
  • Warren 10%
  • Buttigieg 8.7%

(Those numbers are as of 8p CST…they are obviously in flux for now)

Oh, don’t forget the loss of state legislatures to make the party complete. Gotta have ten more years of gerrymandering.

Pot meet kettle. :rolleyes:

Or… maybe he’ll win. You don’t know, I don’t know, Trump doesn’t know, even Putin doesn’t know. We just don’t know, and we can’t know right now. Any prediction is a wild guess. We’ll see. Maybe Bernie is right – maybe enthusiasm and excitement will carry the day, and maybe there really are millions of normally non-voters who will turn out for Bernie. No reason for doom and gloom, and such sentiment certainly doesn’t increase the chances of beating Trump.

As a data point, at least based on an analysis I saw (which I can’t link to right now), if Bernie gets the exact same demographic percentages as George McGovern did in '72, he’d win today. That’s how much the country has changed since then.


Sanders currently polls as more likely to beat Trump than any other candidate except Biden (who is barely ahead of Sanders and after tonight is likely to fall behind).

In 2016 Trump’s own pollster opined that Sanders would have beaten Trump.

It is weird that people here keep proclaiming a doomsday election when literally everything points to the opposite. Sanders is energizing the party, getting out the vote. Why do you keep looking at these numbers and think the opposite of what they are telling you?

You really think Bernie would lose to Trump? You already tried the centrist route with Hillary and lost.

Bernie is winning those polls because of name recognition (because he’s been in the spotlight for years now, and all of the other candidates are fresh faces). Once he gets vetted, there is zero chance that he can win a national election. Trump believes it, Putin believes it, the Democratic party believes it. The only ones who do not get it are Bernie supporters.

LOL. You sound just like I did in '16 when I was sure Trump could never possibly win. Certainty or even confidence in who is going to win is absolutely and hilariously crazy this early. You don’t know… nobody knows. We’ll find out.

Biden and Warren have huge name recognition. Bloomberg is no slouch there either.

And there is no “vetted” for Sanders. He has been in politics for 40 years (give or take). There is no secret stash of Sanders dirt that will appear. In 40 years of politics the dirt has all been dug up and thrown at him. Unless you think his opponents till now were just too nice to make it public.