Bernie Sanders-themed dating site crashes from traffic overload

Just what the OP says. Apparently there’s an untapped market.

Now if I could just get my mom to check it out…she’s been way too single for way too long, but I think she’s backing Hillary Clinton.

(Apparently there’s also a Facebook group to tide you over until they beef up their own servers.)

Oh, so THAT’S where the millennials have been hiding. :smiley:

On Facebook, Bern feels YOU!

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there!

That totally fucking rocks!

Not sure “Feel the Bern” is the best slogan for a dating site. Though it might be the most honest.

KY, no Bern.

So Steinem is right; the girls are backing Bernie to meet boys.

Yeah, that was my first impression as well, LOL!

Yeesh! I may be a huge Bernie Sandwiches fan, but I’m not sure I’d consider that to be a good criterion for dating. Now, Trump supporters on the other hand… I hear they’re wicked crazy in the sack.

Do not stick your country in the crazy.