Best #1 single of 2013?

Now that the final charts for 2013 have been posted, it’s time once again for that fine tradition that’s been going on ever since last year.

The options in the above poll comprise the songs that made #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this year. This year saw an interesting change in the formula Billboard uses to calculate chart standing, in that, for the first time, satellite radio, streaming radio, and Youtube views were counted towards a song’s chart standing - which produced some truly interesting results indeed. Of the songs that were deemed to be the most popular in the country this year, which was your favorite?

Nothing I like but I’m amazed how limited the Top 100 has become. I assumed you had just listed a few of the songs that made number 1. As a comparison I picked 1988 because it was 25 years ago and 33 different songs made number 1. There were 15 alone that only made it for one week. I guess the question is what does it really mean now?

Nothing of real significance on that list. I went with “Roar” because it has a nice mid-80’s vibe to it, and I’m feeling nostalgic.

I voted for “Thrift Shop” because it’s the only one on the list I’ve actually heard (and I do like it). I’ve heard snippets of the two Miley Cyrus related ones, but I can’t stand her so she’s out of the running (as is her naked-chick-loving buddy Robin).

“Get Lucky” - Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams

I went with Thrift Shop, which is actually on my workout mix, so I’ve been listening to it every other day for months now without growing tired of it. The only other song on there I like is Royals and I’m lukewarm on that.

I went with Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”.

I think it was a pretty good year for pop music, but then I have a 12yo so I have been listening to more top-40 than at any time since I was 12.

I chose Can’t Hold Us because I like anthemic songs with a lot of stuff going on it them. I think Blurred Lines or Thrift Shop are probably the “songs of the year” (I’m leaving Roar off this list out of spite 'cause I’m so damned sick of it) and I guarantee you’ll be hearing them on the oldies channel in about 25 years. You can say the same about We Can’t Stop.

I’m shocked Get Lucky didn’t make it to #1.

Bruno bores me. I just don’t get him.

Katy Perry is the only one who does not make me throw up a little in my mouth, so I picked her.

I voted for Royals, but, yeah.

I suspect it’s related somehow to the introduction of Soundscan in compiling the charts. Soundscan was introduced in late 1991 and here’s how many songs became #1 from 1992 until 1999 (since I don’t have a post-2000 copy of Joel Whitburn’s “Billboard Top 40 Hits”):

1992: 12 songs
1993: 10
1994: 9
1995: 11
1996: 8
1997: 9*
1998: 15
1999: 14

*or 10 if you count both sides of Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind '97”/“Something About the Way You Look Tonight” separately

Prior to 1992, three years (1959,1968,1982) of the rock and roll era tied 1998’s mark of 15 different #1’s while only year had fewer (1955 with 14).

I don’t love any of them, but I liked most of the first billion times I heard them.

I voted for Eminem, who’s not normally one of my faves- just ahead of Miley Cyrus. She’s a skank and a poseur, but “Wrecking Ball” was a good song before I tired of it.

“Royals” is the only one I’ve heard. Had no idea it was popular (in the US). It’s not bad, although it’s one of the weaker tracks on the album. Voted for that.

Just Give Me a Reason.

I don’t know why but there’s something endearing to me about Pink.

I voted Eminem, but Monster pales in comparison to Rap God.

I threw in with “Royals”, but find it interesting which songs didn’t make it to #1.

Another “get Lucky” fan who had to vote “Royals” out of the choices on the poll.

Same here. I love “Royals”, but “Get Lucky” has to be the song of the year, right?

The only one I’ve heard (as far as I know) is “Blurred Lines”, because Robin Thicke performed it on the Colbert Report. I’ve only heard *of *three of them…

I guess I’m officially old now.

I opened this thread hoping to vote for this song, but I guess it didn’t make it to #1.