Best #1 single of the year retrospective: 1975

Our survey brings us now to 1975, the tail end of the peak of the most turbulent era in the history of the Hot 100. This year we have 35 songs at the top of the chart, just shy of the previous year’s record of 36 (which is still tied for the lead), and we’re definitely beginning to edge into the beginning of the Age of Disco, though it’s a few years yet before the fad peaks.

You know the drill. Which of these songs do you like more than the others?

  • Denotes one half of a double A-side

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All of these decisions are too hard for me. I will be happy when we get another year or two into this where I won’t like so many songs.

I’m guessing the poll is on it’s way.

The poll has arrived.

And since I missed the edit window on my OP, allow me to correct my math yet again - counting both songs on John Denver’s double A-side #1, there are again 36 songs in this year’s poll.

Man 1975 SUCKED.

Oh my, what kind of year has Barry Manilow, Glen Campbell, John Denver, and … David Bowie? Yikes. I almost decided not to vote when I saw “Mandy” up there. How in the HELL did that get to #1? As a joke?

I refuse to vote for any of these pathetic attempts at music.

As another band that got its big break this year might tell you;

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

Oh man, that whole list just screams Seventies. There are lots of songs on it that I absolutely love, in a nostalgic or ironic way, but none, I think, that wouldn’t sound horribly dated if they were released today.

I think I’m going to have to vote for “Rhinestone Cowboy” just because it’s the subject of a private running joke between my brothers and me.

Sadly, I have to go with America - “Sister Golden Hair.”

Glen Campbell - “Rhinestone Cowboy” is a close second.

Yeah, but it is the banality of evil, not the outright totalitarian takeover of stupid that was 1974.

Easy choice for me: Fame. A durable blue-eyed funk groove, and Bowie was one of the few fighting the good fight in '75. First song I ever stayed up late listening to KFRC on my Panasonic transistor radio to try to catch - it came on around 10pm. Woo-hoo!

I will say this: Lady Marmalade flat out rocked. Patti LaBelle can sing the paint off a house and killed it here.

Jive Talkin’ marks the BeeGee’s comeback, anticipates the disco revolution. KC’s songs are surprisingly durable. Nice to see EW&F.

So some decent songs, they just feel surrounded by so much meh…

“You can choose from Freddy’s tears or other musical swill, but silenus chose a purpose clear - silenus chose free will.”

This list should be slathered with mayonnaise and placed between 2 slices of Wonder bread. Was going to forego voting till I reached the final entry. Had to go with the Staple Singers 'cause Pops is so cool.

I kinda dig Freddy Fender too, but Pops man, Pops is cool. :cool:

“Fame” is like Shaquille O’Neal when he played at LSU - a man among children, and somewhat out of place. That song aside, I could have voted for Sister Golden Hair or Rhinestone Cowboy…both are terrific singles.

What, no Oscar Meyer bologna or Kraft singles? :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I voted for Sister Golden Hair - it’s one of America’s better singles, it’s a great example of acoustic rock that’s more than just fluff without being full of itself, and it conjures up some fond memories of a certain golden-haired lady I once dated.

Bad Blood for me, with Calypso and Sister Golden Hair right behind.

As much as 1974 and 1975 suck, though, I expect 1976 to be ever so slightly worse.

For me, a tough call between Linda Ronstadt, Earth Wind and Fire, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Minnie Riperton. I went with Linda – that whole album (Heart Like a Wheel) is terrific, and “You’re No Good” is a great opener for it.

It’s neat how I can see just when my almost-six-year-old brain started to become dimly aware of the existence of “songs that are popular right now.” That would have been around Thanksgiving 1975, when KC’s “That’s The Way (I Like It)” was #1.

I think it blows 1974 out of the water. (Low bar, that’s true).

In the polls so far, I’ve tried my best to vote for the song that I liked best and that was also the most worthy.

However, this time I voted for The Hustle, instead of Fame. So there!

Tough choice between Earth Wind and Fire, The Doobies, KC and the Sunshine Band, Patti LaBelle, and Bowie’s “Fame” (much as I really dislike Bowie).

I’m going with Black Water, because of the Southern rock sound (who can resist trying to harmonize with the closing refrains?), with Shining Star hot on its heels.

It reminds me of my middle niece, with whom I share a very close bond. In goes my vote, tho I abhor the rest of America’s discography.