Best 8-track tape, ever


Yeah, that one was pretty good. I only bought it for the forty gazillion-minute rendition of “Slow Ride”, but still…

My favorite was “Best of Seals and Croft”, followed closely by a Three Dog Night tape that featured “Shang-Ri-La”. I can’t even pretend I remember the album name.

I got both for my sixteenth birthday, to go in my brand new 1976 Ford Maverick, with my brand new tape deck that my “rich” uncle bought me.

The last decent 8-track I had was made by my ex-boyfriend, and was a compilation of all of Aerosmith’s hits. The newest one on the tape was “Walk This Way”.

I literally wore that tape out.

God, I am sooooo old.

Santana’s first: “Santana”

Slow down, go down, got to get your. . .
. . .got to get your lovin’ one more time

ACDC - Back In Black

What’s an 8-track :wink:

I’m a little bit young for 8-tracks, but my dad had a bunch when I was a kid. Seeing as how I’m a rather music-oriented person, one would think that my favorite 8-track would have been filled with some kind of music, but it wasn’t. He had this Steve Martin album on 8-track, and that was my favorite tape to listen to (we also had a record player, so I listened to records most of the time, because the fast-forward-only on the 8-tracks bugged the crap out of me).

I don’t remember which Steve Martin album it was, unfortunately.

Heh. Getaway car. . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t it required that all people with 8-tracks had to own The Eagles’ Greatest hits or “The Long Run”?

“Shambala” is from the 1973 Three Dog Night release “Cyan”

I never, and I mean NEVER, heard an 8-track tape that didn’t practically drive me nuts with wobbly playback. Based on this, I have to say that there is no such thing as a GOOD 8-track. That fact inevitably leads to the conclusion that there can be no Best 8-track.

All MHO, of course, and YMMV. But I would note that ALL of the above-mentioned performances are available in formats that play back with an acceptable level of fidelity.

It was “Shambala”, but not Cyan. I am inclined to think it was the Greatest Hits record Lorenzo mentioned.

Hell, I don’t know!! That was a thousand years ago! Be glad I got the group right…that alone was a miracle! :wink:

quoth Lorenzo:

**If your uncle gifted you with a new car, I’d say he was pretty wealthy, indeed, to have been able to have blessed you suchly. **

Nah, my “rich” uncle only sprang for the 8-track player. My grandmother gave me the car. Yep, I was blessed.

Bachman Turner Overdrive Rocks!

Dark Side of the Moon

excellent choice, but tricky to synchronise with “The Wizard of Oz” DVD.

“smoke on the water” by deep purple.

compilation 8 track( I almost typed CD!!) that had the theme to Happy Days on it, a song with Fonzie on it and a song with that old '60 song Charlie Brown (He’s a clown)

Black Sabbath Paranoid, the first album I personally owned - purchased at a pawnshop when I was about 14.

Before that, I got a lot of listening pleasure from my parents’ 8-tracks of Jesus Christ Superstar and Simon and Garfunkel’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme.

Tough call on the overall best.

Bette Midler Live At Last