Best Action Movie 1991-2010: Round 2 (90s Bracket)

Round 1 and now we move on to Round 2.

The top 16 were split into two brackets. The first bracket covers 1991-1998 and the second covers 1999-2010. This was done to put eight movies in each bracket.

Choose one movie in each bracket as the Best Action Movie to move on to Round 3. The top two votegetters in each bracket will move on.

The poll will close on Tuesday around 3:30.

Don’t forget to also vote in the 2000s bracket

I’m guessing T2 just dominates this bracket, the other one should be more interesting though.

For me, True Lies was a very close second to T2. Close, but no cigar.

This is tough, as the best two movies in the bracket I don’t consider to be action movies: Heat and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I’d consider both of them heist movies.

T2’s early foray into CGI looks a little rough around the edges today, and I’ve always detested the corniness of the ending, but at the time of release it showed us things, special effects-wise, that we’d never really seen before, and the ferocity of Linda Hamilton’s performance remains jaw-dropping.

I suppose I would have selected Speed as number 2, if that option were offered.

I’ve never quite gotten the love for True Lies, mainly since all the main performances annoyed me, but the action sequences are admittedly fun and exciting, and overall it’s a more fully realized film than La Totale!, the French original from which it was remade.

Yea, I might have voted for Heat if it actually was an action movie. T2 runs away with this one IMO, with True Lies a not particularly close second.

Agreed. But True Lies is a more FUN movie, I’d say.

Not a huge T2 fan. The Fifth Element is pretty much the only movie on that list that I would go out of my way to watch again, so it gets my vote.

(And I really didn’t like True Lies).

I was considering placing a vote for the runner-up, as a sort of vote against T2, but a quick peek at the results shows that to be basically impossible, since T2 has more than all the rest combined. So I voted my conscience instead (to the extent that that’s meaningful with something like that), and went with ID4.

Ditto. I love Heat, it’s one of my favorite movies, but it’s a crime-drama, not an action movie, inspite of having one of the best, most realistic gun battles short of Saving Private Ryan or Blackhawk Down.

I loved Heat but agree with other posters it’s not an ‘action movie’ for mind.

I almost voted for True Lies, because I adore that movie, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to vote for a parody as the best ever action movie. So ultimately went with T2.

Final Round Voting, now open!