Best album by Beck?

I liked the one with that guy who sat in…you know, playing the washboard? What’s his name…Bender?


Sea Change is a GREAT album. I’d say it’s Beck’s best, followed by Odelay.

The thing about Sea Change is, it’s not a party album. You have to listen to it. The complexity in the songs is in the backgrounds, the textures, the layering, and the lyrics.

And Lost Cause may be the most beautiful sad song of the last ten years.

My favorite is Sea Change, but like others have mentioned, it’s not the most uplifting of albums. He wrote it during/shortly after breaking up with a long time girlfriend so you can imagine where the songs all go. They do tend to sound somewhat alike after a while, but they’re all good IMO. I despise country music, but even his nearness to that genre on certain tracks doesn’t dissuade me.

Odelay is probably your best bet as a new listener though. He runs that gamut of genres and gives you a good feel for his range and talent as a musician and song crafter.

I only recently started listening to Mutations and I’m still in the in between phase about how I feel about it so I can’t recommend it.

Midnight Vultures is just… weird. Whoever said you’re better off getting a Prince album is right.

Can’t speak of any of the others as I’m not overly familiar with any of them.

Sea Change is a very good album. I’d say it’s Beck’s finest, followed by Odelay.

Ooh…I forgot to mention that my favorite song on Mutations is “Bottle of Blues.” In fact, I must go listen to it right now.