Best album by Beck?

Alright, I’ve got $20 to spend, and I’m gonna buy a Beck CD. Any tips as to which is his best one?

(I haven’t listened to either Midnite Vultures or Sea Change, so read this post with that in mind.)

Odelay is probably his most accessible album, and I would definitely recommend that if you are just getting in to Beck.

My personal favorite is Mutations, but I’ve had that album for four years and I just started to like it recently. Before that, my favorite was Mellow Gold.

Hell, everything he puts out that I’ve heard is great, but get Odelay.

Odelay is his best.

Mutations and Sea Change are much more moody. Sea Change is downright depressing.

Midnight Vultures is funky, but uneven.

Mellow Gold (the one with ‘Loser’) is much more unpolished than his other stuff, but I like it quite a lot.

Stereopathetic Soul Manure, I’m not sure where this falls in the continuity, but it is very raw and uneven. I would stay away from it. Aside from maybe 3 or 4 tracks, it’s downright bad IMHO.

Mutations and Sea Change are quite similar in sound and tone, but Beck’s style is quite different on each album, in general. You may love one and hate another.

My first Beck CD was Sea Change. I understood that it was different from his other albums but I decided to give it a shot anyway.

I was disappointed. Not that it is a bad album, just not what I expected. To me, every song sounded the same (and very mellow). I was hoping for something along the lines of Ryan Adam’s Gold. I guess I should have researched more.

I am going to buy some of his earlier work and maybe come back to Sea Change later.

I’m a huge fan of the Mutations album. It’s very definitely moody and not like the “Loser” or “Where It’s At” Beck that people are used to hearing, though.

Even so, it’s got ‘Tropicana’ which is a fun, poppy song.

Mutations is my personal fave, but Odelay is right up there. Get both. :slight_smile:

Beck’s got something for everyone. If you’re just getting into him, I would recommend Mellow Gold, Odelay, or Midnight Vultures. After that, Sea Change, Mutations, and Steropatheic Soul Manure.

He hasn’t made a bad album. You could buy any of the above-mentioned and love it. Also know that he’s got a very large discography. Check this, from the All Music Guide:

Another vote for Odelay, followed by Mellow Gold, followed by Sea Change.

I love this guy.

Yet another vote for Odelay. Sea Change is lame.

Avoid Sea Change at all costs. Our local music reviewer’s entire review was “No turntables and an endless drone.” And I couldn’t agree more.
I like Midnite Vultures myself.

Odelay is his best by a country mile. I recomend it highly.

Midnite vultures has it’s moments but you’d be better off buying a decent Prince album.

Sea Change certainly is different from his previous works but it’s not necessarily bad. It is the one Beck my wife can tolerate in the car.

Odelay if you want to hear familiar tunes.

Mutations if you want something mellower. Check out “Tropicalia” and “Nobody’s Fault.”

Definitely There and Back. This is truly a pinnacle in guitar playing…

Oh, that Beck. Odelay is definitely my favorite. It’s one of those CDs that you never need to fast-forward. It plays through perfectly.

Hee hee. When I saw this thread, I had to bite my tongue not to post Truth. Leave it to someone with your excellent screen name…

I disagree. The ending of Novocane nearly ruins ths song.

All of Beck’s albums are fantastic (though I haven’t heard SSM), and they’re so different that it’s hard to compare one to another.

That said, Odelay was the best album of the 1990’s, IMO, and if it isn’t in your collection, it should be.

Dr. J

Hey, I loved Sea Change. Or, rather, I like the individual songs on the album. Listening to the whole thing is not recommended if you need to either operate heavy machinery or be surrounded by sharp objects.

But a lot of the individual songs, on their own, are beautiful.

Now Odelay… god, I can’t even begin to say how much ass that album kicks. I think I become a cooler person when I’m listening to it. Plus, the album version of “Where It’s At” is leagues better than the radio edit, which kicks ass in its own right.

I love Sea Changes. I thought it was the best album of 2002. I echo what SNenc says though, not exactly an uplifting album. In fact, in some other thread I think I opined that SC might be the best album made since DSOTM.

If you’ve got $20, you can go to a used CD store and get both Odelay and Mutations. Stretch those dollars!