Best album cover artwork

I am looking for a new wallpaper for my computer and I am thinking of album covers. (Note–not CD pictures, or cassette cases, but those things that the 12" plastic disks came in.) My favorites are currently Molly Hatchet’s Beatin’ the Odds and Bob Seger’s Live Bullet, bu tboth have had a turn on the desktop, so any reccommendations would be appreciated.

Sgt Schwartz

I think quite a few Yes albums would make great wallpaper. My favorite would be Fragile.

One that comes to mind is Frank Zappa’s The Man From Utopia. The more you look at it the goofier it gets. The back is great. I tried looking for some decent pics but haven’t had much luck.

A couple of scans here, front & back

Anything by Storm Thorgerson/Hypgnosis. Like all the Pink Floyd covers.

I really like the cover to Liquid by Recoil. The whole art direction has various objects frozen into ice, the cover is a bullet.

Yeah, the UFO and Scorpions ones were pretty cool, too. One of my personal faves is The Scorpions’ Lovedrive. I might be mistaken, but I think Hypgnosis did that one, too.

I’ve been using a set of cover art from Roger Dean’s website for at least two years now. Makes a cool screensaver, too.

I remember seeing Pink Floyd’s “Dark side of the Moon” in stores when it came out and just knew it was a great album without ever hearing anything from it or the group.

Rio by Duran Duran

I know you’re probably looking for awesome rock album covers, but guess what: I’m going old-school. I give you…

Free to Be You and Me.

I listed to this all the time when I was growing up, and would lay on the floor staring at all the cartoon people in the letters the whole time.

I’ve always been fond of Todd Rundgren’s Utopia. Uriah Heep’s Demons and Wizards is pretty cool too. And some of Robin Trower’s albums were trippy.

Both the album cover and inside cover of the Allman Brother’s “Eat a Peach” double album ranked first with me. Some of the best ever southern rock, as well.

Well, I’m no expert, as by the time I was born, albums were already on their way out (1983), but I think Led Zeppelin’s In Through the Out Door makes a pretty cool image. Particularly since it doesn’t have their name or the album title on it.

Many, many Iron Maiden albums. Ahhh, the hours spent with a new Maiden album and a magnifying glass, looking for all the little hidden details. Personally, I liked Powerslave the best.

We’re Only in It for the Money by the Mothers of Invention.

And Hot Rats by Frank Zappa is pretty cool, too. :cool:

Queen: News of the World or Day at the Races

Styx: The Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight or Equinox - or really almost any of them.

I was going to start a separate thread for this video but I think it fits nicely into this thread.

Battle of the Album Covers

Everyone has probably seen it already but that video took some time and deserves the extra recognition.


Nope, never saw that before – but damn, that was fricking brilliant.

And he wasn’t listed in the credits, but I could swear I heard Lore Sjöberg’s voice in there.

Rio by Duran Duran