Best anthology sci-fi/horror/suspense shows that are available to stream

By stream I mean stream for free, or stream on netflix, hulu plus or amazon prime.

There are the obvious ones like the twilight zone, outer limits, black mirror.

But there are a lot of lesser known shows too, including some original shows.

Dimension 404 on Hulu is decent, but not great.

By night origins on amazon prime isn’t good. Neither is lore on amazon prime.

FWIW, room 104 is decent but it isn’t available to stream as far as I know.

Masters of horror on tubi is good.

I think you’ve listed all the series that could realistically compete for the best.

If you’ll settle for pretty good, you can find episodes of a 1977 British horror show called Supernatural on YouTube.

I liked Dorabella and Night of the Marionettes.

Rod Serling’s other show, Night Gallery, is available on Hulu.