Best 'bad guy' scene...

…Even if the movie sucked .
Chris Walken in True Romance
Bruce dern in The cowboys, where he shot Wayne.
Dick Boone in Hombre at the stage office.


Mark Rydell in The Long Goodbye when he smashes the bottle into the face of the woman he loves, then turns to Elliott Gould and says, “You, I don’t even like.”

Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

HG:“Give me the code to the vault or I’ll kill you.”
N:“I don’t have it. I’m telling you the truth. You’re just going to have to kill me.”
HG:“Okay.” bang


JMcL:“You’re doing this for money?”
HG:“Well, yes. No lofty purpose. Just the cash.”

It really turned it all around as far as bad guys went. Smart, honest, nasty bad guy.

hee hee, my hero. :slight_smile:

“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”

Gary Oldman in the ‘Professional’, when leans down to little natalie portman and says,
“I take no pleasure in taking life from someone who doesn’t care about it.”
The bad guy was pure evil.

In the movie CAPE FEAR (the re-make) there was a scene where the villan, Robert DiNiro, was pretending to be the teenage girl’s (Juliette Lewis) drama teacher. It was one of the most incredibly chilling scenes that I’ve ever watched.

On the high school stage, in the dark, DiNiro’s character was as cunning as Satan, while he drew the unaware girl closer and closer to him. He circled her like a shark, with his words. I mean, this guy (a MURDERER!) played on her every most rebellious thought and secret desire. The audience knew he was evil incanate, but SHE didn’t. You could almost feel her being manipulated and deceived by this extemely experinced predator. Maybe it has something to do with parental instinct, but I don’t remember any other movie making me feel such an overwhelming feeling of fear for a character.

In the span of about 2 minutes or so, this older man, a complete stranger to the girl, had her so utterly mezmorized that she actually sat on his lap! smoked pot with him, then took out her retainer and kissed him!
It was intense, I say!!! Intense!!! But DiNiro IS one of the best.

This movie isn’t, at least in my opinion, in the “even if it sucked” catogory, because I adore this movie because it has it all- great lines, beautiful cast and guns. My favorite bad guy of all would have to be Raymond Blossom (Timothy Hutton) in ** Playing God**. I know that Raymond is the bad guy, but there’s something so damn appealing about his character and his zeal for what he does. It’s like he’s not bad on purpose, it just sort of works out that way…a facinating character. I think I’ll buy this one on DVD soon.

Well, I can’t decide if this is good or horrible. But in Reservoir Dogs, when Michael Madsen is dealing with the cop they captured?

I’ll not add any more description.

Not exactly “bad,” but you gotta love the sentiment: “Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun.”

Christopher Walken in The Prophesy.

Alec Baldwin in Glengary, Glen Ross.

He didn’t kill anyone, but I’ve never wanted to punch a movie character as much.

The badest of all of the “bad guys” has to be Jack Palance in Shane.

I don’t think the movie sucked, but when Longshanks, the Patrick McGoohan character, tosses his son’s lover out the window, well, that was pretty bad-ass. It showed the character’s single mindedness on getting Wallace to the exclusion of all else. He wanted his son to rule, dammit, not necessarily be happy.

KKB, what’s that from?
andelfkin thanks for reminding me about that movie. I need to watch it again. Not to hi-jack my own thread, but I loved the exchange (paraphrased):

  1. Help my guy.
  2. He’s DEAD…
  3. (gun to head) Fix him!!!
  4. I’ll see what I can do.

I was just going to say that when before I even opend this thread the very first one that came to my mind was the very first one that was mentioned in the OP.

It’s Ash’s line (Bruce Campbell) in the 3rd Evil Dead film, Army of Darkness.

Vic Morrow as the convict prison boss in The Glass House. His low key intimidation throughout the entire film was chilling.

Kevin Spacey in Swimming With Sharks. He was the best thing in the entire movie.

He didn’t kill anyone, but I’ve never wanted to be a movie character as much.

That character was perhaps the best motivational speaker going … he was the only bloody hero in that movie.

When a meeting doesnt go the way I want or I fear things are gettign beyond my immediate control ?
I figure “well they pay to do this, I am that good”
and in my mind I take out a pair of those brass balls and hold them juuuust so.

Its like an adrenaline shot with a cocaine chaser. Ultimate confidence.

ah, yes, the evil dead trilogy. I have got to get those on tape sometime.

they’re my absolute favorite cult horror flics. I mean a film that features a posessed hand and a flying eye[sup]*[/sup] deserves a special place in movie heaven.

[sup]*[/sup]WARNING, the link refers to an .mpg sequence from the movie evil dead 2. see , and
for more info.