Best "Best of Edith Piaf" CDs....

I’m planning on giving a CD to my father for his birthday. From what I’ve checked, there are many CD hit collections of Edith Piaf .

Which one is the best collection? From what I know of my father, among his favorite songs are Milord, Non, je ne regrette rien, and La vie en rose.

PD. This is also for me, since once he gets his gift and likes it, I’ll put that CD on my wish list. :slight_smile:

Can’t speak for other compilations, but I own this one and an very happy with it.

I’d recommand the 30th anniversary, there are 2 CDs in it, very complete, in a nice velvety red package!

Aaah… Thanks! Now I know what to do…

I’ll buy both sets, then send one to my dad (30th anniversary) and keep the other one for me! :smiley: