Best Buy and Best Buy Gredit may you suffer the stings of fleas

Ok I was in Best Buy the other day for a laptop that was going to go on sale. They had it in stock and I was going to buy it but I was declined a Best Buy store card (Ok my credit is crappy but their card is by the same company that just gave me a MasterCard) so I talk to my father and he agrees to get the card and let me use it for the laptop. The next day we go to the Best Buy near me and my father applies for the card and is given one. We go to the computer department and they don’t have any of the model I want on hand for sale. They have one on hand but need it for Sunday when they have it advertised for less than it was on Friday and they are guaranteeing at least 10 on hand. If they sold it they would have less than 10. So now I have to come back on Sunday, camp out in the parking lot to be one of the first 10 in there and buy it. If only it was that simple
Because the card is is my fathers’s name he has to be the one to make the purcahse. He can’t send me with a letter saying it is alright to use his card like he has done with The Wiz or other cards. So we call Best Buy Credit and he adds me to the account as an authorizied user. The VERY NICE service rep there says if they call Best Buy Credit the rep will confiorm that I am an authorized user and they should be able to use my DL as ID for the purchase. I check with one of the “managers” there and she says even though I am on the account they will not be able to use my DL for the purchase only my father can buy on the account until the card comes. So now we wasted over an hour finding a way to have the purchase go though on Sunday. They won’t take a signed letter from him, they won’t pre-sell one and hold it so I get it when I am one of the first 10. I can’t take his licence with me because he is going to be out of town but there is one thing I can do.

I can but it on MY credit card (which will bring it almost to the limit) then when my father comes back, go to Best Buy and return the laptop, then re-buy it on the Best Buy accout which has the 0% interest. During the time my card is almost max’ed out I have to hope the balance transfer request I put through for my Capitol One account doesn’t go though (I want to cancel that card).

Why do stores make it so hard to buy things from them. Why couldn’t a manager who was there yesterday leave a note for the manager who will be there Sunday Morning saying Mr. XXXX has allowed the purchase of XYZ by Mr XXXX on his account. Then I could easily purchase the laptop on Sunday without jumping through hoops

Considering you just said this (in the tread about Macys)

"If she violated company policy by taking money from one drawer from another they were within their rights to let her go, and she may be ineligable for unemployment. "

I would say you just answered your own question mate. Maybe someone wasn’t willing to break company policy and risk loosing their job for YOU.

Of course when I say tread I mean thread:smack: …though it may have been a Freudian slip about employes being walked over.

calm kiwi I know what I said in one thread but I don’t see WHY the following could not be done

  1. Ok Mr. XXX the item you want is not in stock. We do have one in the system that was going back to the mfr (true) Let us ring it up for you, charge you now, and mark on the reciept To Be Picked Up On Sunday and you have to be one of the first 10 people.

  2. I will leave a note here for the Manager who will be in on Sunday that you are picking up a paid for laptop

  3. On Sunday (Ahh Mr. XXY Yes you are picking up the laptop XXX already paid for. Here you go, please sign this stating you recieved your item (scribble scrabble)
    No violation of Best Buy Policy (AFAIK) if the above happened.

And while you are correcting your spelling I tink you meant losing their job, not loosing.

I worked at Best Buy as a Gredit Guard one summer. Not a single Gredit escaped under my watchful glare.

This is only funny if you’re drunk, and even then it’s a stretch.

On another note, things could be worse. Your card could be from CompUSA.

But brain explodes

No, it’s definitely funny. A Gredit sounds like something out of Dr. Suess! I will not eat green eggs and ham, I will not eat them Gredit i am.


I “tink” you meant think. :wink:


It’s Gaudere’s Law Gone Wild!, tonight, only on the SDMB!

Seriously though, MannyL, the simple solution is to eat the difference in price, if you really gotta have that laptop. Or, wait until some other sale comes along. It is December, man. There’s gotta be at least four more blowout sales between now and New Year’s, yeah?

Nertz. Preview, not submit, stupid. Meant to add…

Someone missed an “employes” in kiwi’s second post.

[sub]Is this some sort of corollary to the law?[/sub]

“To be picked up on x date” != “purchased on x date.” That’s why it can’t be done.

Ok Manny, I will see your "gredit’ and “tink” and raise them with a “loosing” and “employe”:wink:

But I still tink (that’s an Irish accent not a typo) that what you got was what you indicated should happen in the Macys thread. You can’t have it both ways . Either employes ( :slight_smile: ) stick to the rules or they don’t. They shouldn’t have to make that decision based on your convenience.

Of course any and all typos were merely an attempt to stay with the flow of the thread:D

And it’s Murphys law!!!

Indeed, no. I’m referring here to Gaudere’s Law.

When posting to correct another poster’s spelling, the chances of you making a spelling error yourself approach one. Or something like that.

Well, you get the gist of it, anyway.

[sub]And, if you count punctuation, you did it again. That’d be Murphy’s Law. See how bad it gets? Inescapable.[/sub]

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol (I refuse to count punctuation. If I do I would be losing by wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much :slight_smile: )

And I am sticking to Murphy’s law , cause it has been haunting me for years :))

I find it neat that they refused to sell you the laptop for the higher price. (because then they would go under ten on hand)That’s where my issue would be. (You have laptop, I have money IN MY HAND. Give me the laptop and get more fast shipped from your damned supplier.)

MannyL, stores operate they way they think is best and you can take it or leave it. You are not entitled to special treatment. They have limited resources and I can understand they do not want to waste so much time and effort accomodating you because in the time they spend with you they can serve a dozen customers like me who just want to pay for their stuff and get out. They have no obligation to accomodate you and it seems they prefer not to do it.

Sailor if a store has item X on hand and has a price tag on the shelf should they not have to sell item X even if they know in two days they are going to have a hogher demand for it at a lower price?

All we wanted to do was buy a laptop that they had in stock and advertised on the shelf that that would not sell.
Today I got there 4 hours before opening, had to decline their extended warranty twice and explain why I did not want it, and I still left empty handed because although I am on the account they won’t let me charge to the account without the card that has not arrived yet. They ARE holding the laptop until tomorow when my father can go buy and pick it up.

Manny, do clerks in NJ routinely check id? Because here in Ohio, I’ve only been checked to make sure my name and/or signature match once in the last 10 years. In fact, I had used our Visa for months before before realizing I had my husband’s card and he had mine.

I agree with you, however, that it’s incredibly stupid for them to refuse to sell a computer to a flesh and body customer in order to save it for a potential customer.