Best Cheesesteak place in Philly

The best burger chain thread made me think of another one of my favorite greasy meals, the world famous Philly Cheesesteak. I’ve always been a fan of Jim’s at 4th and South, but I’m curious to see what our Philly Dopers think. Good Og I miss my haunts on the East Coast.

Jim’s steaks is indeed good. I like Pat’s steaks in south philly for the cheese whiz application by ruler method and the cheery attitude of the cooks (if you ask for anything but cheese wid, or cheese wid-out, you’ll get shot). Lots of good places in the 'burbs (i.e. Bryn Mahr) as well. Ah, I do miss living in Philly. :cool:

Oh thank you thank you thank you. I, too, miss Jim’s. I have to say they have better-tasting cheesesteaks than Pat’s, but Pat’s has better ambiance. I mean after all, Pat’s is open at 3 AM!

Lots of little shops along the Main Line have decent cheesesteaks, but Larry’s (Home of the Belly Filler) sticks in my mind. It was close to Haverford College, my alma mater, and worth a midnight run.

A cheese wid, Tastycakes, and a Frank’s would go down good tonite! :smiley:

Howzabouta big, fat Italian hoagie (lot’sa olive oil, no mayo), a chewy soft pretzel (with a layer of street pollution on it), some Bassetts ice cream from Reading Terminal and a cold can of Schmidt’s beer - jees, yoos guys, can life get any better? :wink:

No question about it: D’Alessandro’s. It’s on Henry Avenue in the Roxborough section of the city. Right across the street is Chubby’s and down the street is Fiesta’s. They’re both great, but D’Alessandro’s is the best, best in the city.

Pat’s or Geno’s are OK, but not as good as D’s.

And speaking of great local sandwiches, if you’re at McNally’s, you have to get the Schmitter. They sell 'em at Citizen’s Bank Park now.

You forgot about a water ice from Rita’s

I came in to mention D’Alessandro’s, which is less than five minutes from me – a definite incentive to people when I need them to come do work at my house. :wink:

I didn’t even think of hoagies or water ice. :smack:

Shows you how long I’ve been away.

Sigh. A realItalian hoagie on Amoroso’s with olive oil, provolone, capicola, coteghino, salami, onions, lettuce, tomato, pepperocini…

more drooling, here.

yeah yeah I know. It’s all bad for ya. But if I could even just smell it…

Gino’s 9th and Passyunk. Hell with that place across the street. :smiley:

Open 24/7 and I miss it when I used to drive a cab from 6:00pm to 6:00am.

A proper ’ kicked up’ Italian hoagie has sopressata, prosciutto and sharp provolone.

Cheesesteaks at a place called Laspada’s in DelCo are quite good.

You have to head to Tony Lukes for other sandwiches, though. Cutlet with sharp provolone, roasted peppers…try some brocolli rabe, etc.

Pudge’s in Norristown makes a very nice cheesesteak. I never need to schlep into the city with Pudge around.

For those interested, here’s a short article about Philly Cheesesteak from the July issue of NWA WorldTraveler

I hope it is enjoyable and doesn’t infurriate or offend anyone; I know how some folk are really particular in their cheesesteak preferences.