Whither the cheesesteak?

So, I’m reviewing the map for my trip, and it looks like I’ve got some business to attend to near Philly. Now, since no road trip is complete without regional food, I’d like to have a real Philadelphia cheesesteak. I’ve been to Philly once, and would like some guidance on where to go for the definitive cheesesteak.

BTW, does anyone know what they eat in Pittsburgh besides ketchup?


Just avoid the chains, like Cheese Steak Shop, Inc. and you’ll be getting the real thing.

Pittsburgh has a salad dressing called “Golden Triangle Sauce”, which is like McDonald’s secret sauce, IIRC.

Let’s see, Primanti Brothers, Eat N’ Park (a chain, but a local one-that kicks ass), Gulifty’s, lots of Polish food.

Pat’s Steaks, 9th and Wharton. I’m a Philly native, and that’s the only place I go for a cheesesteak.

thanks, Birdman. I will check it out :slight_smile:


I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years now, but I still recommend Jim’s Steaks at 4th and South (it’s the neato art deco building) for everyone’s cheesesteak needs.

Personally, I like Jim’s over Pat’s. But as long as there is CheeseWhiz involved you’re probably doing okay. (Lived 10 years in Jersey and have been to Philly several times, including conducting a head-to-head taste test last year on my most recent trip out east.)

Absolutely. People here in Baltimore just don’t know anything about cheesesteaks. They look at me as if I were crazy when I explain that the real thing has got to have Cheez Whiz. And the rolls, oy vey! My parents go to Philly on business once a month, and they always bring me back several bags of Amoroso hoagie rolls, IMHO the best rolls one can get.

You’ll dig it. I promise.

Pat’s. Wiz with. Incredible.