Best Cross-Dressing Comedy?

This question was inspired by the release today of TRIUMPH OF LOVE, which stars Mira Sorvino as a Princess who dresses up as a man in order to… oh well, it would take too long to explain, but you can read what Sorvino has to say about it here:

Anyway, the question is: What is the best movie comedy ever about cross-dressing? I imagine most people would pick either SOME LIKE IT HOT or TOOTSIE or VICTOR/VICTORIA. Are there other favorites out there?

For me, probably one of the most traition bound individuals on the board, it has to be Some Like It Hot and while I like both Tootsie and to a lesser extent Victor/Victoria, second place would have to go to Birdcage which I think qualifies because of the dining and for that matter escape scenes.

There was one done in the 40s, (Charly’s Aunt?) I’ve always wanted to see with (I believe) Ray Bolger, but I have never been anyplace it is showing. I hear it’s very good also.

This, of course, means I believe it is with Ray Bolger not that I want to see it with Ray Bolger. Although I imagine if he were alive, he could give some great insight on the film.

“La Cage au Folles” (no, not “The Birdcage,” which was a weak imitation). Ugo Tognazzi’s attempt to walk like John Wayne was funnier than anything else on the subject.

Do we have to pick movies? What about Bosom Buddies?

I’m kidding of course. No way was that show funnier than the movie Sorority Girls. [sub]yes I’m kidding again[/sub]

Don’t forget Shakespeare. What about Twelfth Night?

My vote will be for Some Like it Hot.

Twelfth Night is my favorite Shakespeare play, but I see the cross-dressing as somewhat incidental. In other words, I personally wouldn’t call it a cross-dressing comedy.

But that Malvolio, man! He just cracks my shit up!

I recently bought a video of the 1933 German version of “Victor und Victoria,” with the great, ill-fated Renate Muller. MUCH better than the Julie Andrews version! Even without English subtitles, it was enjoyable.

Some Like it Hot. Hands down.

I’m not exactly an expert on the cross-dressing genre, but Nathan Lane’s turn as Alberto in The Birdcage cracked me up. Possibly because he so very much looked and sounded like a (female) tutor of mine.