Best Current Superbowl Commercials: Your Opinions

I missed the Bowl entirely this year. I am not a sports fan at all (That’s practically a heresy in Rochester, New York, for some reason, but a few of us exist.) but that also means I missed all of the wide range of commercials.

So, tell me, in your humble opinion, which are the funniest, sexiest, most thought-provoking or original of the bunch, and why you think so.

I could, of course, try sifting through Youtube, but that seems like a lot of searching for what may lead to only a handful of favorites.

I watched this about 38 times in a row last night, just kept laughing harder and harder each time. Finally had to quit when my cat got fed up and came over and bit me in the face for too much laughing.
Anyway…Doritos Goat 4 Sale:

Try this.

Googling should have occurred to me.

I used it in this thread, and found a brief online site, rather than a book.

Thank you.


There hasn’t been very much response, except for one very funny item in post 2.

I take it that it is probably okay to “bump” with a suggestion of my own as long as I don’t do it repeatedly.

Try this one for the thought-provoking and original factors.