Super Bowl Commercials!

Abe Vigoda! Ha! (Snickers)

Need a thread for this.
There is the infamous Tim Tebow commercial. How innocuous. How silly.

Doritos so so. That mobile service shuffle with McMahon, pretty silly.

The Doritos commercial was too predictable. Missed the mark.

Yeah, the Doritos ad was very disappointing.

The Snickers Betty White/Abe Vigoda one was alright.

As a commercial, it wasn’t great. But I love seeing Abe Vigoda.

Bud Lite asteroid commercial best one so far.
Not so sure I like the head slap shill for NCIS.
Doritos is really missing the beat with their commercials.

The commercial where the astronomers see an asteroid about to hit Earth and break out the Bud Light was pretty funny.

Yikes, didn’t like the other Doritos one much either (“Keep your hands off my mama, and off my Doritos.”) The Coors Lite ads (house made of Coors, and the scientists) were both meh.

I did, however, enjoy the NCIS head-slap ad! :cool:

slaps Rodgers01’s head


Yeah, I didn’t quite get it. Eating Snickers is supposed to make play harder against old people? It didn’t do much for me.

I think the idea is that the guys were playing like old people, and eating a Snickers puts them back on their game.

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I liked The Simpsons Coke commercial. It was sweet.

Coke manages a good feeling commercial again. :slight_smile:

Go Daddy is perfectly predictable.

The only other commercial I remember involving Simpsons characters was for Butterfingers candy bars and that was years ago. Were there any others?

D’oh! :wink:

Speaking of which, loved the Simpsons/Coke ad. Not funny or anything, but damn, those characters have been around for so long that they can inspire those happy nostalgic feelings that I guess Coke is going for.

The Doritos-in-the-casket… Am I missing something or was there not really a punchline to that one?

Ah, they did a good job with Monster. The Doritos commercials are really missing the boat. The Bud Lite commercials somewhere in between.

Homer starred in a MasterCard Super Bowl spot a few years ago.

Sure there was a punchline. It was a ruse for him to get out of work, but then the casket tipped over. It’s a miracle! He’s alive!

Okay, Joe Montana for Skechers is hilarious.

Indeed. Naughty girls!
Meanwhile, I’d like to pour vinegar on a hot italian woman’s leg.