Super Bowl commercials

The Snickers one with Marilyn Monroe was just stupid.

I kind of like the avocado, “Does anyone want to feed Scott Baio?”

Was one of the aliens in the avocado commercial a Star Trek Andorian? There was a female alien that looked like one.

Yes, and an acbar fish, and Alan rickman’s character.

Apartment dot com was good.

I liked it but don’t think most people under about 45 or so would have any idea of “The Jeffersons” and therefore not really going to folks who are most likely to use the site.

The Hyundai commercial enables people to be stalkers. I’m also not of a fan of the two commercials so far with no audio to identify the product.

Audi’s astronaut slipping into dementia was kind of unsettling. In spite of Bowie soundtrack.

Not very many good commercials this year. A couple have got a chuckle out of me (the ultrasound Doritos, the Skittles with Stephen Tyler), but none of them would be amusing the second time around.

Lame Bud Light. Yeah we know it’s election year, whoopee.

Constipation, seriously?

It’s kinda sad that almost all the discussion is about how bad the commercials are. I wonder if they are really that bad, or if the people who enjoy them aren’t online yet. It’ll be interesting to see the comments tomorrow.

The Hulk is selling soda now?

OK, the Super Bowl babies one are beginning to piss me off.

This thread seems slower than I’m used to. So does the one about the game itself. Maybe everyone is still eating, and will be around once they wipe the grease off their fingers.

PuppyMonkeyBaby made me feel old, I have NO idea what that was about.

I’m just happy that I’m getting most of the US ad feed this year. Depending on who gets the rights PR gets treated as either “domestic” or “foreign” and if the later, I get to watch the grand lameness that is Puerto Rico TV ad work.

Dear Prius,

I love your cars.

Clyde Barrow

Okay, I liked the Echo one.

The Jeep one was stupid.

double post

I thought that was really weird - what were they actually advertising? The joy of sex?

There aren’t enough big smiles in the world for this one. Nevertheless: