Best disgruntled customer scene

From the 8/30 IMDb:

Best disgruntled customer scene

So far the John Cleese parrot sketch is in the lead…

There’s no god in heaven if Steve Martin from Planes, Trains and Automobiles doesn’t win.

That is the best, funniest most prolific use of the f word I have ever witnessed. I still quote it to this day.


I’ll second jarbabyj, with “Five Easy Pieces” a close runner-up.

By far the best is an obscure short film by Steve Martin, “The Forgetful Waiter.” I betcha nobody here has seen it.

I love that sketch! It’s tacked onto the beginning of one of his stand-up videos, wild-crazy-guy era. Can’t remember which one.

Although the short is actually titled “The Absent-Minded Waiter”. If I had a waiter like that, I’d be disgruntled too.

That is a great sketch. Actually, people from Waco, like Steve Martin is, have a reason to be disgruntled about pretty much everything.

Five Easy Pieces - Jack rocks.

The jpeg circling around of the cubicle worker who’s disgruntled with his computer is pretty choice too.

In TOTAL agreement with jarbaby, PLANES TRAINS and AUTOMOBILES “F” scene is the funniest scene in any movie I have EVER seen. Never laughed so hard in my life and still do even after about 40 viewings…
LOVE it!!!

Mr. S and I agree about PT&A, but Mr. S added another Steve Martin classic: The scene in Father of the Bride when he goes to the grocery store and goes off about superfluous hot dog buns.

The superflous hot dog scene in Father of the Bride is great, but what about Clerks? I’m thinking of the Chewlies gum scene and the “I can’t believe you, using such awful language around the customers” scene. I have to vote for the shocked customer. “You think that’s bad, have a look at this.” I just love the way the guy actually runs out of the store.

Does it have to be in a movie? If not, I vote for Mr. X and the donut shop from Bob Zmuda’s Kaufman book.

We’ve gotten this far, and no-one’s mentioned Michael Douglas in Falling Down?

The scene where he trashes the Kwik-Mart for charging too much for a soda and the burger rant are my favourites.
Mind you, some days I feel like walking around DC with a rocket launcher righting wrongs, so maybe that’s just me.

Well I was just going by what was nominated at the site.

But falling down is WONDERFUL

“I’m just standing up for my rights…as a consumer”

Best one for its restrained, polite Britishness–the cheese shop by Monty Python (or is it the Firesign Theater). The customer goes into the cheese shop and the clerk is out of every cheese he names.

“Well, I guess I’m going to have to shoot you.”
“That seems fair.”

Another vote for Five Easy Pieces. Just the sheer bureaucratic stupidity of it is priceless.

I am partial to the scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High where Judge Reinhold threatens to kick 100% of that guys ass.

Definitely the fast-food scene from Falling Down. That’s the way I wanna go nuts when my time comes.

I used to travel through the St. Louis airport often. Whenever I walked past the spot where the “F” scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles was shot I would always crack a smile.

Oh yeah, gotta love that scene in Falling Down. The spot where the movie begins, the exit in Silverlake, was my exit on the way home, and the Korean market was 2 blocks from my house. I used to eat at the place they used as the Whammyburger. One of my most-used catchphrases is “what’s wrong with this picture?” but alas, nobody catches the reference.
If I’d have stayed in LA a few more months, I would have become D-FENS. That’s the problem with LA, especially if you live in areas where they make a lot of films like my neighborhood downtown. You walk in your front door, turn on the TV, and there’s your front door being used in a movie scene. I think it makes you schizo.

My faves are the the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketches, and the Book Shop sketch. “Do you have ‘A Sale of Two Titties’ by the great Dutch author Charles Dickens- that’s Dickens spelled with two ks.”