Best dog breeds

Which breed do you love the most? In terms of temperment, health, looks, origin, whatever?

How many of you adopted pound puppies or rescued animals? Or did you check that no-one was looking, and then buy an overpriced purebred from a breeder?

Norwiegian Elkhounds. No, really.

What about taste?

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I like labs. And coincidentally, I have a lab-mix who has a wonderful personality. You can see her in the picture with me on the PeoplePages.

Hands down, Bouvier des Flanders. Cool looking, loyal, calm, good with kids, protective (but only! when needed). They are totally awesome dogs-Big though. I could really go on and on but I’ll spare you!

I take exception to the idea that a purebred from a breeder is overpriced. A pet store puppy? Yes, those are overpriced, not to mention the fact that it’s a disgusting way to sell an animal which needs a home environment, and any so-called breeder that lets pet stores sell their puppies in a retail environment doesn’t care about anything but profit. But that’s another rant.

Dog breeds are vastly different. I like chesapeakes, dachsunds, labs, greyhounds, bloodhounds, and bassets, but all for different reasons. We happen to be Basset Hound owners right now. Now there’s a dog that is NOT for everyone!

Popoki: my friend’s family has a Bouvier. It WAS a cool dog, although if I owned one I’d quickly wind up in jail for beating up the 10 person in a row who said “nice poodle”

One I bought, one I rescued. Really cool breed, but not a dog for everyone. I don’t have kids, and have to watch my dogs carefully around them. Not because they are mean, they are just careless and will try to be the alpha with anyone not prepared.

They are agile and fast, very smart and quite treainable. Somtimes a challenge, they are always my favorite breed.

Here is a link to a pic. It’s just a small one, but you can see what they look like. For more pics and info look here.

Here is a link to a pic. It’s just a small one, but you can see what they look like.

For more pics and info look here.

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I have an English Springer Spaniel (Clyde the Wonder Dog), and he’s everything a dog should be: loyal, fun, not too smart, gentle, tireless, as gentle as a lamb with my 1 year old. The hair can be a problem, but nothing major. The breed isn’t seriously prone to any diseases (a little hip dysplasia but not as bad as big dogs, and you do have to keep their ears cleaned - same with all long, droopy eared dogs). All in all, a wonderful family pet.

If I had deeper pockets - I’d have a bulldog. High maintenance, prone to all manner of ailments, not very long lived, but what character.

I have a fondness for the herding dogs: collies, shelties, German Shepherds, and border collies. They are intelligent dogs with highly trainable dispositions.

My parents have a sheltie that I absolutely adore–Angel is as harmless as a leaf, and wonderful around small children. Typical of the breed, she is a complete coward around strangers; a brave watch dog she is not. But, she learns very quickly and is quite affectionate.

Really, “best” breed depends on what kind of pet you’re looking for. Pretty? Afghan. Smart? Border collie. Member of the family? Lab or golden retriever. Protective? German shepherd or rottweiler. Yappy and annoying? Chihuahua, toy poodle, or pomeranian.

And so on. :slight_smile:

I have the best dog in the world. She’s is all mutt. Terrier, schnauzer, chow, who-knows. She looks like a salt-and-pepper Benji, but a little bigger. Someone told me she looked like a Tibetan Terrier. Never even heard of that before. I tell people she’s a Wischwinu (read:wish-we-knew).

I love my Daisy-Bob.

We got her from the SPCA, they rescued her from the street. She was a little hyper at first, but now she is the most obedient/smartest/affectionate dog I have ever met. She took to training so quickly. She learned sit/down/stay/come in about two weeks.

Got my beagle from the pound. Nicest dog around, loves other dogs, people, kids, trees, truck tires, you name it.

Now, any minute Sledman will have to chime in about how wonderful Labs are! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Danes! I love Great Danes. My family had three, over the course of my childhood. They are huge, goofy, friendly, emotional, entertaining dogs. Not the brightest bulbs on the tree, I’ll admit, but so much fun. My parents liked the harlequin ones (white with black spots) but when I get one someday I think I’ll get a fawn or a Boston Black (all black with a bit of white). I won’t trim its ears.

I have a beagle. As soon as the gate is open he’s off and running until he gets ready to return. He really pisses me off when he does that. But I love him. He’s a good dog. he’s smart, and just the right size. Although he’s grown I can still pick him up if I have to. The biggest problem I have with him is that he has gotten very territorial in the last year. If someone comes in my yard, he will nip and bite at them, simply because he is protecting me. I have to keep him in his running pen during the day, and let him out at night when the neighbors are inside.

I answered this already, but have a question for you. Why would you assume that I “checked that no-one was looking” before buying my purebred GP from a reputable breeder?

I am not one bit ashamed of buying one of my dogs, and wish there were more reputable breeders than puppy mills or backyard breeders.

Do you have a dislike of purebred dogs for some reason?

Dogs. I love dogs.
When I look for a dog, I want one that has relatively few health problems, isn’t overly agressive, I ten to like short haired dogs, one that could go camping with me for a week and survive fine, one that’s over 80 pounds. I like big dogs.
Two of the best breeds are Rhodesian ridgebacks and American Bulldogs.

Both tend to get big and bulky.
Rhodesians are desert dogs, they can go for a while without water, they are very very smart, they hunted lions, they are hounds, they are fiercly loyal to their owner and no one else, if youaren’t the owner they couldn’t give a shit about you, it’s kinda fun. They have the cool looking ridge, they know how to hunt, they aren’t overlly active, not hyper, you can leave them in a small apartment and they are ok. they are good watch dogs. they have a unique way of playing with other dogs and people that is really cute.
American bulldogs are from the south. They are multipurpose dogs. they were used for hunting pigs, herding, gaurd dogs, and everythign else. They are really big and bulky. They have cute faces. They are very people oriented and friendly. Mine followed me where ever I went, even without a leash. He was the most well behaved puppy I ever encountered. All he wanted to do was protect me and make me happy. GREAT GAURD DOG. Nice coloring. Healthy. they do tend to have an aggressive streak, but as long as you are familiar with dogs you can handle it.

I’ll second the vote for Norweigan Elkhound. Smart, loving, eager to please . . . they’re just all-around great dogs.

But the best bet when getting a dog is to get a mutt. Pure-bred dogs are prone to genetic problems that can seriously affect their health and demeanor. Mutts are healthier, and sometimes, even prettier. My dog is a Norweigan Elkhound, Golden Retriever mix, and the combination made a beautiful cream-colored dog with a curly tail, and a long nose.

Inbred dogs, maybe, but what makes a purebred dog more suceptible to any disease than a mutt? Hip dysplasia appears in many breeds, especially in the larger sizes, and is surely not limited to purebred dogs. Eye problems are common in breeds with large eyes, ear problems happen to all dogs, regardless of breeding.

I have had a mutt or two in my life, some of the best companions a person could ask for. So I have nothing against them at all. However, the breeders that I know of, (I know this does not apply to all) do genetic testing for diseases, and breed carefully for temperment, not just for beautiful puppies.

Yes, I’m completely partial about this. We had several dogs when I was growing up - Corgi, Whippet, English sheepdog, Basenji - and wasn’t a one of 'em could hold a candle to my Boston. Highly intelligent, eager to please and obey, very playful, energetic almost to a fault. All around great companion.